Pioneers of Dallas County

JAMES G. HARDIN, Circuit Rider

3 October 2019

JAMES G. HARDIN was minister of Dallas’ first known Methodist Church. If you grew up in Dallas, then here is a snippet of local history you probably never knew about. Hardin appears to have arrived at Dallas as a circuit riding preacher before becoming the first Methodist minister in Dallas. In January 1847, the Reverend […]


28 September 2019

Dreyfuss & Son Co: Gerard Dreyfuss (1853-1934) was born at Lorraine, France, in 1853. He came to America in 1869 and in 1879 moved to Dallas from Shreveport, where he opened, with a friend, Hurst & Dreyfuss, which merged with E. M. Kahn & Co. in the early 1880s. (Mr. Kahn and Mr. Dreyfuss were […]


28 September 2019

Capt. John Milton McCoy (1838-1922), first city attorney of Dallas, son of Lewis and Rebecca (Hester) McCoy, was born on a farm near Sellersburg, Indiana, on August 29, 1835. His parents were devout Baptists. He received the B.A., M.A., and LL.D. degrees from Indiana University in Bloomington. After the death of his first wife, Laura […]


18 February 2019

Anna Minerva Kimmel was the first bride to be married in Dallas County. She and Crawford Trees applied for a license to wed on July 20, 1846; vows were exchanged and the marriage recorded on July 22. They were two of only 350 people who inhabited the area when Texas, which itself had been admitted […]

BONNIE & CLYDE’s Sowers TX Ambush

17 February 2019

Sowers is a ghost town located approximately 11 miles northwest of Dallas, Texas in Dallas County. Today, the once rural community is located entirely within the boundaries of Irving, Texas. Of the original townsite, only the cemetery remains. Sowers was settled in the late 1840s and by 1884 had a population of seventy-five and possessed […]


17 February 2019

From Vienna, Austria to Meade County, Kentucky immigrated the family of William Andreas (Andrew) Ànderhub. He was an organ maker and creator of fine rifles in Vienna. With him and his wife, nee Susannah Hefner, came their children to this foreign country. They were Anna who married Joe Anderson, Andrew, Beverly who married John Parr, […]

JESSE R. KIRBY, Wylie Area Pioneer

11 February 2019

Jesse Randolph Kirby may well be remembered for his fashionable home that once amazed Wylieites as they passed by its manicured lawn in their little horse drawn buggy on the way to Sunday morning church service. The impressive structure originally stood at Birmingham and Kirby Street back in 1930. The house was moved to Jackson […]

SACRED HEART Guadalupe Cathedral

11 February 2019

On June 17, 1898 the corner stone of the Cathedral was set. It is still very evident today on the corner near Ross and Pearl Street in downtown Dallas. When dedicated in 1902 the Souvenir Brochure describes the Sacred Heart Cathedral as a “stately structure of pure Gothic architecture 104 by 160 feet in size. […]


9 February 2019

Jessie Fitzgerald, the third son of Kibby Kirby and Charles Masters Tucker, was born on November 6, 1870 at the home place on the present-day site one block west from Centerville Road on Castle Drive (near the Rowlett & Garland city limits). Centerville used to head north through Mills Cemetery, cross Highway 66 (the old […]

FERDINAND MICHEL Opens Lime Operation

1 February 2019

Can’t prove the history of this early lime company, but I’m going to give you my theory and it starts with Ferdinand Michel, a member of La Reunion.  I’m going to give you my theory and you can let me what you think.  We can start off with the location which was Lancaster Ave. at […]

NORMA SEALS Remembers Ernest Tubb

20 January 2019

Norma Maye Hamilton Seals says that she grew up in Wylie, Texas. Her father was William L. Hamilton. “It was a small town where we knew practically everyone in town, Norma says.” She graduated Wylie High School around 1950 before she was wooed and wed by Howard Thurman Bentley. Mrs. Seals says she is retired […]

J. B. MINNIS, Early Circuit Rider

9 January 2019

One early Pleasant Valley (Sachse, Dallas County TX) area settler was a preacher man that ran a mule powered cotton gin to supplement his income. J. B. Minnis settled here in the 1870’s. He had even invented a sucking machine for unloading cotton, and was offered $30,000 for the invention (about $7500, 000 today). He […]


9 January 2019

Details of the Hogge and Herring date back to early pioneer days.  From a home, high on a hill overcooking Dallas and Collin County, the Daniel Herring family could clearly see the surrounding area in any direction. Daniel came to Collin County in 1848 from Illinois with his wife, family and mother. It is interesting […]

JERAMIAH SHERWOOD, McCormick Reaper Dealer

26 December 2018

According to John H. Cochran, pioneer and early civic leader in Dallas County, Texas, here is an account of the McCormick reaper. The earlier pioneers had to use primitive methods to make meal for bread, some had steel mills, others had to resort to mortars and pestle. They had to cut their wheat and cradle […]


26 December 2018

Ola Mae Ross was the sister of my grandmother, Mary Eula Ross. She and Elmer lived in the same neighborhood near the Dallas, Collin and Rockwall County line before they married on October 12, 1918.  Raymond Andrew Cross was born in Gordon, Texas on June 18, 1900. Raymond married Ola Mae Ross of the Liberty […]


24 December 2018

Herbert Marcus, Sr., his sister Carrie Neiman, and her husband A. L. Neiman, opened a fine apparel store in Dallas in 1907. When the Neimans divorced in 1926, the family bought his interest. The store became famous for its fine apparel and related merchandise. After Herbert’s death in 1950 and Carrie’s in 1952, Neiman Marcus […]


21 December 2018

Jacob and Anna Hinterman Buhrer left Ellenboro, West Virginia, their first home in America, to come to Dallas in the summer of 1879, bringing their first child, Lena, with them. Jacob’s sister, Anna, came also. In 1879 she married a young Swiss dairyman, Christian Moser, who was already established in the community. By October, 1880, […]


17 December 2018

GREAT GRANDSON RECALS EARLY PIONEER Of IRVING In 1855 Jonathon Story brought his family to what is now the Irving area. He was about thirty and had a wife, the former Sophronia Hunsaker, and three children. About twelve brothers and sisters also came this way, as did his father, Marmaduke, born in Delaware in 1800. […]


15 December 2018

Henry S. Ervay, the Reconstruction mayor, became a hero in Dallas.  He was born in 1834 in Elmira, New York. He was the oldest in a large family of ten children and grew up on his parents‘ farm in Mercer County, Pennsylvania.  Henry moved to Texas in 1858 at the age of 24  where he […]


15 December 2018

On November 20, 1892 at Judsonia, Arkansas James W. “Jim” Russell wed Lelia O. Edens. Jim was born on what is now North Ballard at Wylie, Texas in the year of 1867 at the log house of his parents, James Vaughn and Nancy Jane Harper Russell. Jim and his brothers attended the old Nickleville College, […]