Jennie Haynes Conner wife of Will M. Conner of Naaman, died Monday, August 21, 1899 as a result of measles. Her husband is in bed with typhoid and unable to attend the funeral service. The former Miss Jennie Haynes was born in Stone County, Arkansas around 1871. Will M. Conner, also of Stone County, Arkansas, had already settled at Naaman (now Naaman School Road) when he returned to Stone County and married his childhood sweetheart, in 1894. They then returned to the Naaman community. They had three sons but only one, Joseph C. Conner, survives. Mrs. Conner was buried beside her two babies in the pioneer section of Pleasant Valley Cemetery.

Will & Jennie Haynes Conner

Will & Jennie Haynes Conner

Will Conner Obituary: William M. Conner Dies At Naaman.  Following chronic heart trouble, Brights disease and high blood pressure which had afflicted him for the past two or three years, becoming aggravated a few months ago, William Thomas Monroe Conner died at his home at Naaman on Tuesday, March 5, 1929.  Funeral services were held today at the Christian church at 2 o’clock by the Rev. C.A. Chasteen of Dallas, and burial was the Pleasant Valley Cemetery.

Mr. Conner was born in Stone County, Arkansas on October 29, 1871 and came to this country 35 years ago. He was an only child, and his parents dying while he was small he was raised by an aunt, now living in Kansas. Funeral services were postponed in order to give her time to get here. He was married to Miss Jennie Haynes Aug. 12, 1894, and three children were born them, only one of them, Joe, is living. His first wife died August 21, 1899, and on January 16, 1900, he married Miss Dorothy Bickle. Six children, all of whom survive, were born to them: Mrs. Hattie Wagoner, Mrs. Roxie Williford , Mrs. Letha Kimberly, Misses Willie Irene, Nellie and Nancy Ann.

Mrs. Conner suffered mental affliction a few years ago which necessitated her going to Terrell for treatment, and Will had been both father and mother to the children since that time.

Will Conner was a most unique character, being possessed of an acute mind, broad charity, indefatigable energy and a remarkably cheerful disposition in the face of many afflictions. When he came here he had nothing and worked for a time for wages. He later bought land and entered the mercantile business. Several years ago he lost both eyes, but this did not sour his disposition. He kept track of his business, knew its every angle, and was a shrewd trader and a constant worker, being on the go more hours per day than probably any other man in the community. He was public spirited, being active especially in bettering school facilities, and no needy person ever went away from him without aid. He probably helped more people with less ostentation than any man who ever lived in his community.

The news editor feels a peculiarly personal loss in the death of Will Conner, because of association with him in various ways. May his spirit rest in as cheerful a world as he tried to make his earthly one. Active pallbearers were M.D. Williams, C.M. Brown, G. L. Davis, George Wallace, J. E. Merrill and Henderson B. Coyle.. Honorary pallbearers: W. C. Jamison, W.A. Holford, W.L. Caldwell, Floyd Raney, A.R. Davis, A.B. Elliott, Ford Seale, Jeff Todd, J. Miller, Emmett Bussey, J.D. Carney, W.S. Agnew, Heywood Corley, B.S. Pickett, W.V…??, Elmo Jackson, Ben Tisnger, Sash Haynes, W.R. Marshall, Dr. Freeman, Peter Handley.