W. B. MILLER Gave Church Land

3 May 2018 11:35 น. Dallas, Featured

Less suggestive of Divine inspiration but characteristically human is the story which has come down through the family of Evelyn Miller Crowell about the church her grandfather donated. William Brown Miller who settled a few miles below the village of Dallas in 1846 and set up Miller’s Ferry gave a piece of land somewhere near the present Oak Cliff cemetery for the site of a non-denominational church and the logs to build it.

William B. Miller

William B. Miller

When there was no minister available, some pioneers read the Scriptures and others led in prayer and song. The congregation was made up of families from widely scattered farms with a few people from Dallas, and by 1850 there had developed friction not only between those who wanted it kept non-denominational and those who wished to install a pastor of one particular faith, but between those who wished to move the church to Dallas and those who were determined to keep it west of the river.

In the heat of the contro­versy someone pointed out that since Miller had given both the land and the logs, he might be consulted. Disgusted, the donor told the committee who waited upon him they could take the church and do with it what they pleased. They pleased to cut it in two — one half of the logs being moved to Dallas to incorporate in a church built near the site of the present Union Station, and the other half for a church west of the Trinity on what was to become the Jimtown Road. In each case it would have been simpler to start with entirely fresh materials, but by the time the Solomon ­like solution had been arrived at neither side was willing to part with a single log adjudged rightfully its own.


Excerpt from The Lusty Texans of Dallas by John William Rogers. Other early Dallas History can be found here. Photo courtesy Memorial & Biographical History of Dallas County TX