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17 February 2019

From Vienna, Austria to Meade County, Kentucky immigrated the family of William Andreas (Andrew) Ànderhub. He was an organ maker and creator of fine rifles in Vienna. With him and his wife, nee Susannah Hefner, came their children to this foreign country. They were Anna who married Joe Anderson, Andrew, Beverly who married John Parr, […]

JESSE R. KIRBY, Wylie Area Pioneer

11 February 2019

Jesse Randolph Kirby may well be remembered for his fashionable home that once amazed Wylieites as they passed by its manicured lawn in their little horse drawn buggy on the way to Sunday morning church service. The impressive structure originally stood at Birmingham and Kirby Street back in 1930. The house was moved to Jackson […]

J. B. MINNIS, Early Circuit Rider

9 January 2019

One early Pleasant Valley (Sachse, Dallas County TX) area settler was a preacher man that ran a mule powered cotton gin to supplement his income. J. B. Minnis settled here in the 1870’s. He had even invented a sucking machine for unloading cotton, and was offered $30,000 for the invention (about $7500, 000 today). He […]


9 January 2019

Details of the Hogge and Herring date back to early pioneer days.  From a home, high on a hill overcooking Dallas and Collin County, the Daniel Herring family could clearly see the surrounding area in any direction. Daniel came to Collin County in 1848 from Illinois with his wife, family and mother. It is interesting […]


5 December 2018

Complete harmony reigned in the home of Alverga Clarence “Kid” Moore and his wife, the former Effie Willis. Theirs was a home where Christ came first and family next. Friends were always welcome at 101 South Second and later at 311 South Fourth Street in Wylie, Texas. A.C. Moore was born in Wylie October 1, […]


27 October 2018

Wanda Smith, of Garland, tells about her mother’s early life:  My mother, Rosa (Willeford) Pelton, was a legend in her own right and I didn’t have to look beyond her to know who my hero in life was. She died just two months prior to her 104th birthday, but left a legacy ordinarily unobtainable by […]


20 September 2018

Leita Bel Wood (1910-1994) was born northeast of Rowlett, Texas in the Liberty Grove community.  She was the daughter of James W. “Polk” and Ida White Spence Wood.  After Leita Bel was grown, she operated a store on Elm Grove Road. Leita Bel latter married William L. “Bill” Nichols (1908-1985).  Bill always stood out as […]

Percy F. Brooks, Early Wylie Doctor

25 March 2018

“Brags about Texas” and asthma brought one of the best loved doctors of Wylie to come here, and, oddly enough, he and his new bride came on their honeymoon and stayed. He was Dr. Percy Franklin Brooks, who was born on George Washington’s birthday, February 22, 1881 at a very small settlement called Center Star, […]

DR. T. M. TRIMBLE, Wylie Texas

25 March 2018

In 1955 Dr. Terrill Marshall Trimble Jr. moved from Ft. Worth to Wylie to take over an existing practice at the Wylie Clinic. Thirty years later he would be joined in this practice by his son, Ted Dawson Trimble. The young Wylie doctor was born at Ft. Worth, Texas back in 1928 to T.M. Sr. […]

JAMES GALLAGHER Family, Wylie Texas

23 March 2018

Born in Roscommon, Ireland in 1829, James Gallagher was the eldest son of James and Monica Gallagher. It was his “itchy feet” that caused this family to settle here. It was the intention of James and his family to go to Boston or New York, but the ship which they took from Ireland was thrown […]

WAVERLY J. RATCLIFF, Saw Wylie On Way to Fair

12 March 2018

When Jack Ratcliff saw Wylie first, he was a little “shaver.” On the way to see the State Fair in Dallas via railroad, he viewed Wylie first through the window. That was when horseracing was held at the fair and trains made stops from Lavon to Wylie. Waverly Jackson “Jack” Ratcliff was the oldest child […]


6 March 2018

The migration of the Brown family started with Samuel P. Brown. They came to the Wylie, Texas area from Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas around the year of 1852. Traveling with them were his brothers and families. Jesse, William and John along with his sister Martha and her husband, Michael Millirons.Their eldest son, William Thomas, would […]

MILLWOOD Sawmill & Cemetery

6 March 2018

My father moved to Millwood in Southeast Collin when I was too young to remember.  Millwood was east of Wyie and south of Lavon.  I remember back to when I was about 6 years old. We lived in a little log house a short distance east of the cemetery. I have seen several letters written […]

PAT HOUSEWRIGHT of WYLIE Recalls Depression Days

5 March 2018

Pat Housewright starts off as follows: I had $7.40 left, and me and four kids, and 200 miles from home so we had to leave the motel. We started downtown Mineral Wells and we stopped and went under a tent and there was some hay in it and I guess they must of been some […]


3 March 2018

Fred Callaway was born in Nickleville on January 29, 1886. Nickleville was located in an area now known as the east side of Wylie, Texas. Wylie became a town in October of that same year. The Civil War ended and many from the Southern States headed to Texas. Among them were the three strong Christian […]

NEW MODEL T FORD by Pat Housewright

26 February 2018

We made a good cotton crop and had so much money I didn’t know what to do with all of it. So I took the old 1914 Model T. Ford and traded it for a brand new 1924 Model T. Ford. We thought we were sitting on top of the world. I will tell you […]

MARK L. MORRIS, 1823-1909

20 February 2018

One of the first settlers in the Wylie, Texas area was mark L. Morris. He was born n Alabama in 1823. He was of Scottish ancestry. He and his family were among those who came with Andy Burns, Fayette Summers and Adam Scott to Texas from McNary, County, Tennessee. They came with their slow moving […]

MEMORIES ALONG THE WAY, Pat & Lucy Housewright

12 January 2018

So as time went by Lucy tried to be a mother to the children (children of Pat’s brother) and they haven’t lost their love for her. She tells Percy Fay that she put a lot of diapers on him and told him that his hips were so small she had a time trying to fasten […]