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21 December 2018

Jacob and Anna Hinterman Buhrer left Ellenboro, West Virginia, their first home in America, to come to Dallas in the summer of 1879, bringing their first child, Lena, with them. Jacob’s sister, Anna, came also. In 1879 she married a young Swiss dairyman, Christian Moser, who was already established in the community. By October, 1880, […]

EVERETTE L. DeGOLYER’S Chauffeur Gives History

5 March 2018

Lang Wingard was the chauffeur and houseman for the family of the late Everette Lee DeGolyer, Sr., co-founder of the DeGolyer and MacNaughton Company, an internationally known geological consulting firm Hired by the DeGolyers in 1937, Wingard recalls his responsibilities while employed by Mr. De at his scenic estate, Rancho Encinal, located at the southeastern […]

WHITE ROCK CREEK, 1910 Before It Was a Lake The…

14 January 2018

WHITE ROCK CREEK, 1910 Before It Was a Lake The beautiful waterway named White Rock Creek begins in Collin County north of Highway 121 near Hillcrest and passes near what we now recognize as the town of Addison. It cuts through the Preston Witt survey, about where Belt Line Road and Preston Road intersect. (Preston […]