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UNION STATION Occupies Sala Homeplace

2 October 2018

“I have called Dallas my home since 1870,” said B. F. Sala, 2502 Parnell street. “My father, who was in the theater business, left Galveston in 1869 and followed the terminus of the Houston & Texas Central Railroad from place to place until it reached Corsicana, and on the way, built opera houses at Navasota, […]

WILLIAM W. SMITH, Reveals Early Dallas Life

23 April 2018

“My people came to Dallas County before there was a railroad in this part of the State,” said W. W. Smith, Route No. 2, Mesquite. “My father, J. H. Smith, who came from England, first settled in New York, then in Wisconsin, went overland to California, in 1849, returned to Wisconsin, descended the Mississippi River […]