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PHILLIP SANGER Home, Cedars Neighborhood

30 April 2018

THE “terminal merchants” who came with the railroads in 1872 not only added a business area to Dallas, they created a fashionable new residential neighborhood, for most of them chose to build their homes in “The Cedars.” This was a real estate development that lay southeast of the pee-railroad village and gained its name from […]


20 March 2018

Thomas Andrew Manning was born in Kentucky on March 29, 1863. He was a veteran insurance man. Mr. Manning, age 71, of Melrose Court, died Wednesday in a local hospital. Services Thursday at home of a son, Blagden Manning of 4629 Nakoma Drive (at Inwood). Burial will be at Oakland Cemetery. He came to Dallas […]


19 February 2018

The homes on Browder Street were built in the early 1890s and began to be razed in the late 1930s and early 1940s for parking space in the expanding business district.  To some extent, the deterioration of Browder St. and the majority of the Cedars came from the large home owners themselves. Their many little […]

SAM ACHESON, Dallas Scholar

19 February 2018

THE MIND of Sam Hanna Acheson was the best encyclopedia of the history of Dallas that the city has ever had. While Acheson was a newspaper nan for fifty years, he was also a biographer, historian, and dramatist. He performed all these roles with distinction; yet he was best known as “the” authority on Dallas. […]


9 February 2018

By 1900 the Colonial Hill addition became a desirable location for the affluent.  The tremendous rise of industrial plants along the railroads flanking both sides of South Dallas had a direct cause-and-effect relationship with the growing prosperity of the core residential area of The Cedars. Many of the capitalists who owned these plants and mills […]

‘THE CEDARS’ Dallas’ First Fashionable Neighborhood

10 August 2017

You can access the Cedars neighborhood traveling south from downtown Dallas using five streets: Harwood, St. Paul, Akard, Griffin, and Lamar. Each street crosses Interstate-30 with a standard Texas highway overpass. The freeway, once part of the Cedars, is now a barrier clearly defining a neighborhood that until one hundred years ago served as stepping-stone […]