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PAT GARRET, Famous Lancaster Lawman

5 July 2018

AMONG DALLAS COUNTY communities better known for their peaceful ways and well-ordered society is Lancaster, long a model of law and order. In the earliest days of its settlement, though, life in Lancaster was fairly rough and tumble. The open saloon—six of them, as a matter of fact—held sway there until well toward the end […]


15 April 2018

James Benjamin Garrison, grandson of American Revolutionary War soldier James Garrison, was born in Scott County, Illinois on October 10, 1834. He married Sarah Moore in the county seat town of Winchester, Illinois on October 9, 1853. Within a short time of their marriage, the couple left with the Moore family and came to Dallas […]


30 March 2018

There has been a great deal of controversy concerning the Bethurum name and its national origin. Some branches of the family believe that they are descendants of the French Huguenots who fled France during religious persecutions. They believe the original spelling of the name was Bethune, taken from a town in France where they lived. […]