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DALLAS PIG STANDS Quietly Vanished

14 September 2018

There was once a Pig Stand in every part of town. Before the War, the Woodrow kids congregated at the Gaston Avenue Pig Stand out on Garland Road where Gaston ended. That is, when they decided not to go congregate at Sammy’s on Greenville Avenue. The kids from North Dallas had their Pig Stand on […]


4 March 2018

Texas Baptist University was founded by the Baptist Missionary Association of Texas. The association made plans for the university at its 1904 meeting, and subsequently acquired Patton Seminary in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas and constructed a three-story building there. Texas Baptist University opened for classes at that site on September 20, 1905, with […]


17 February 2018

Leslie Allison Stemmons (1876-1939) was born in Dallas County, and studied at southwestern University (Georgetown, Texas) and at the University of Chicago, majoring in real estate and law. He was then in the gravel mining business with Scott Miller, and worked for Sanger Brothers in Dallas. Then Leslie and Scott Miller formed a real estate […]

OAK CLIFF TORNADO Provides Lesson in Meteorology

24 January 2018

Do you remember where you were when the Oak Cliff Tornado swept across Dallas? The Dallas tornado of April 2, 1957, commonly known as the Oak Cliff tornado, was a landmark event in the history of meteorology. It was the first time a tornado was extensively photographed and filmed through all phases of its life […]

STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN, 1954–1990 Oak Cliff Native

18 January 2018

Stevie Ray Vaughan, blues musician and guitar legend, was born in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas on October 3, 1954, to Jim and Martha Vaughan. Stevie’s exposure to music began in his childhood, as he watched his big brother, Jimmie, play guitar. Stevie’s fascination with the blues drove him to teach himself to play […]

EAGLE FORD SCHOOL, 1601 Chalk Hill Rd. Built 1923 Only…

15 January 2018

EAGLE FORD SCHOOL, 1601 Chalk Hill Rd. Built 1923 Only Eagle Ford Community Building Still Standing Bonnie Parker’s Report Card Found In Box In Basement The Eagle Ford School Today The following is an excerpt from the Landmark Designation Report prepared by Marcel Quimby of Quimby/McCoy Preservation Architecture, commissioned by the Dallas Mexican American Historical […]

SIVILS DRIVE INN, Started Oak Cliff Craze

14 January 2018

“People in their cars are so lazy that they don’t want to get out of them to eat” proclaimed candy and tobacco mogul Jesse Granville Kirby in 1921. At the time, he was trying to get Dallas physician Reuben Wright Jackson interested in investing in a new type of roadside restaurant. That was how Sivils […]


13 January 2018

Elizabeth Chapel in Oak Cliff was one of First Organized African American Churches in North Texas.  In a small pocket of Oak Cliff, the twin steeples of Sunshine Elizabeth Chapel once rose above a neighborhood unlike any other in Dallas, signaling passersby that they had entered an area known collectively as Tenth Street. Elizabeth street […]