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19 May 2018

Frank Davis Carsey was born in Williamson County, Tennessee, in 1863, the fourth son of Louisa M. Davis and Thomas P. Carsey. Frank and Lillian Elizabeth (Fly) Carsey were married on 9 Novem­ber 1887 in Williamson County, at the home of George Washington Fly (her brother). She was the daughter of Sterling Brown and Emily […]

J. HUGH CAMPBELL, Dallas’ Flagman

7 May 2018

My granddad, J. Hugh Campbell, was born February 6, 1886, in Kansas City, Missouri. He came to Dallas in 1909 to represent the American Optical Company and worked there until 1917, when he moved back to Kansas City and married Louise Lynn White. Louise was a widow with two children: Robert, 7 and Roberta, 3. […]

JAMES “CORKY” HARRIS Graduated 55 Years Later

6 May 2018

I was born at Commerce, Texas, on August 2, 1928. My parents, Loarn Herbert and Diamond Corene Wilkins Harris, named me James Herbert Harris, but one of my uncles had been reading Gasoline Alley in the newspaper comics and decided that I should be called “Corky.” I was less than an hour old when he […]

WILLIAM M. C. HILL, 1846 – 1928

5 May 2018

My grandmother’s Uncle Will Hill was a part of Dallas County history in an era bounded by the Civil War and the beginning of the Great Depression. He was William M.C. Hill, born in Franklin, Kentucky, on April 5, 1846, the sixth in a family of ten children. His parents, Pauline Carter and Isaac Hill, decided […]

HILLPOT Sporting Goods, Oak Cliff

23 April 2018

George Wesley Hillpot, born 30 December 1885 in Trenton, New Jersey, was the son of John A. Hillpot and Emma M. Jahnke (Jahnke was changed to Jinks in Texas). Two older sisters, Esther Ray and Lillie May, completed the Hillpot family. They moved to Dallas, Texas, in 1889. As a boy, George worked at Speer-Steinman […]


1 April 2018

THE REVEREND GEORGE W. OWENS, ordained Methodist minister, longtime financial agent of his church’s powerful journalistic arm, the Texas Christian Advocate, and one of the state’s more successful pioneer lumbermen, was able to merge two careers—one in business and the other in religion—in a forceful and unique way. At his death in 1921 he left […]


13 March 2018

Thomas Logan Ledbetter, son of Reverend Arthur Ledbetter and Elizabeth Robbins, was born May 30, 1837 in Overton County, Tennessee. In 1848 the family moved to Dallas County, Texas, and settled on his father’s headright in the Peters Colony , which was located at what is now the southwest corner of the intersection of Camp […]


11 March 2018

Arthur Leonard Ledbetter, son of Thomas Logan Ledbetter and Lois Almedia Randal, was born on November 9, 1859 in Dallas County, Texas. His birthplace was located on the south side of the 4500 block of West Keist Blvd., which was then just a country lane, just west of the Five Mile Community. He was reared […]


8 March 2018

For some reason Victor Considerant felt that it was important to advertise that Texas was a young Republic and had only gained its independence from Mexico in 1836. He wanted his prospective colonist to know Texas was now free since withdrawing from the Union in 1845. And as if that wasn’t enough, he boasted about […]


22 February 2018

We grew up in a big white house at 1721 Marburg Street in South Dallas. I lived there from 1928 until 1949, when I married. Four houses to the left of us were Southern Pacific Railroad tracks for freight trains and steam engines. To the right of us, there were three houses, and at that […]


18 February 2018

Michael Martin Murphey was born at Oak Cliff, Texas on March 14, 1945.  He quickly took to playing the ukulele and had a special love for cowboy stories and songs and also read avidly as a boy.  Especially the work of Mark Twain and William Faulkner — and was writing poetry before he was in […]

SIVILS DRIVE INN, Started Oak Cliff Craze

14 January 2018

“People in their cars are so lazy that they don’t want to get out of them to eat” proclaimed candy and tobacco mogul Jesse Granville Kirby in 1921. At the time, he was trying to get Dallas physician Reuben Wright Jackson interested in investing in a new type of roadside restaurant. That was how Sivils […]