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EUGENE MARSHALL, Recalls Early Street

30 October 2018

“On July 23, 1864, the ship Bellone, that had set sail from Antwerp, Belgium docked in the Boston Harbor. On the ship was a 21-year-old, registered as a farmer from Hanover, Germany. His name was Carl Ernst Friedrich (Fritz) Miltner, born in Celle, Germany. Fritz was my great-grandfather,” according to Eugene Marshall. “Fritz accepted a […]

LOUIS TOBIAN & Old East Dallas

10 March 2018

Louis Tobian is a Dallas businessman and civic leader who resides at 6011 Swiss Avenue. In this interview, Tobian discusses the street configuration in East Dallas as well as activities at the Texas State Fair in the 1920s and 1930s. Lee Krebs conducted the interview on January 31, 1973. TOBIAN: Well, first let me start […]

OLD MILL INN at Fair Pairk

28 February 2018

The Old Mill Inn at Fair Park was built as a replica of a flour mill for the 1936 Texas Centennial and World Fair. It was a large exhibit that featured a modern experimental flour mill, three model kitchens and a tea room. The theme of the architecture employed throughout The Old Inn depicts the […]