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EAST DALLAS DEPOT Was Center of Activity

10 March 2018

It is announced (Oct. 1897) that the new Union Depot in East Dallas will be formally opened today. The new structure has been in course of erection for three months, and while it is not as large as the railroads would like to have it, it is still a vast improvement over the shanty it […]


27 February 2018

The city of East Dallas existed for seven short years (1882-1889), just east of the city of Dallas. Though its life was brief, it was home to many distinguished builders of Dallas. East Dallas was born when the Houston and Texas Central and the Texas and Pacific railroads arrived in the area. Their tracks crossed […]


18 February 2018

As much for others as for ourselves” has been an underlying principle for East Dallas Christian Church, which has brought this congregation to a position of leadership among Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ) nationwide. Organized in 1903, by 1921 EDCC had become a “Living Link Church” to four mission stations all around the world.  Next […]

GEORGE W. CRUTCHER, Last Mayor of East Dallas

23 January 2018

George W. Crutcher was the last mayor of Old East Dallas.   The Crutcher Family came to Dallas, Texas from Kentucky. In 1876 Granville and his wife Rebecca Dawson Crutcher, left Frankfort, Kentucky to join their son George. The family members, a total of seven children, included: William A., Rev. John H., G. W., Lucile, Frank […]

CAPT. W. H. GASTON, Plantation Becomes Town

13 November 2017

Captain William H. Gaston, Confederate soldier, banker, financier, and empire builder, designed and constructed his own Greek Revival home in 1873 on the northeast corner of Swiss Avenue and St. Joseph Street. This elegant mansion, headquarters of the 400-acre plantation that became the town of East Dallas, was demolished in 1927 to construct the Dallas […]