Tag: Dallas TX History


7 November 2018

John Neely Bryan came to Dallas in the 1840s with the intention of establishing a trading post with the Indians. He picked the site for his first home near the Trinity River that had shale for a hard water crossing—now near the current Triple Underpass. He was aware of other towns in the United States […]

JOHN M. ORAM,Electronics Pioneer

5 June 2018

JOHN M. ORAM, a member of the family for whom Oram Street in northeast Dallas is named, occupies a unique place in the development of the electric and communications industries of Dallas. A successful inventor of mechanical and electrical instruments, he might well be singled out as the outstanding pioneer in the field of electronics […]

JOHN NEELY BRYAN, Jr Reveals Dallas’ Namesake

29 May 2018

JOHN NEELY BRYAN, JR., oldest child of the founder of Dallas, returned to the city where he was born after an absence of a quarter of a century, on January 9, 1906, an especially significant date in his life because it marked his sixtieth birthday. The Dallas Morning News learned of his presence in town […]

WILLIAM W. SMITH, Reveals Early Dallas Life

23 April 2018

“My people came to Dallas County before there was a railroad in this part of the State,” said W. W. Smith, Route No. 2, Mesquite. “My father, J. H. Smith, who came from England, first settled in New York, then in Wisconsin, went overland to California, in 1849, returned to Wisconsin, descended the Mississippi River […]

OLD TIGE, Dallas’s First Fire Engine

1 April 2018

In all parts of the world from the most ancient times, fire and plague have been two of the most dreaded enemies of those who live in cities.  In ancient times when cities were only crowds of flimsy huts and ramshackle buildings with irregular twisting streets, both fire and plague played sad havoc when they […]