Tag: Dallas Farmers Market


7 November 2018

John Neely Bryan came to Dallas in the 1840s with the intention of establishing a trading post with the Indians. He picked the site for his first home near the Trinity River that had shale for a hard water crossing—now near the current Triple Underpass. He was aware of other towns in the United States […]

HOWARD M. HINES Develops Hiness Nut Co.

11 April 2018

Howard Holston Hines was born November 21, 1880 in Daingerfield, Texas, where his father, Mordicai Fleming Hines (born 17 February 1851, died November 15, 1899) was a farmer. His mother, Virginia Henrietta Holston (born 12 December 1859, died 10 July 1883) was said to be a native American Indian. Howard had one surviving brother, Marshal […]