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UNION STATION Occupies Sala Homeplace

2 October 2018

“I have called Dallas my home since 1870,” said B. F. Sala, 2502 Parnell street. “My father, who was in the theater business, left Galveston in 1869 and followed the terminus of the Houston & Texas Central Railroad from place to place until it reached Corsicana, and on the way, built opera houses at Navasota, […]

JACOB A. WORK Family, East Dallas

28 March 2018

Jacob A. Work (born 25 October 1824 Tennessee, died 23 January 1893 Dallas, Texas), a son of Julia Bishop (born 14 May 1794 Petersburg, Virginia, died 13 March 1880 Tennessee) and Fleming Work (born 12 May 1795 Tennessee, died 6 March 1870 Tennessee), was one of ten children. His siblings were William, John M. , […]