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OAK LAWN’S Early Years

24 September 2018

If one kind of tree were accorded primacy in Dallas history, it would probably be the oak. That seems to be the case, judging by the persistent popularity of the oak tree in neighborhood and street names, including Oak Cliff, Oak Lawn, Oak Grove, Oak Crest, Oak Hill, Oak Park, and such major thoroughfares as […]


16 April 2018

On November 24, 1858, George Mellersh married Elizabeth D. James, a sister of Thomas James, Jr., coal merchant, in Memphis. George decided after the War Between the States, to come to Texas with his wife and several of their small children, three others having died in Memphis and one in Newcastle, Pennsylvania. They arrived in […]


19 February 2018

Most Dallas residents of today know of the great Trinity flood of 1908 which struck the city in May of that year. Many of its older citizens retained vivid personal memories of that disaster. Much of the Dallas area since has been transformed by flood control and reclamation projects costing millions of dollars, all designed […]