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BOTH BRYAN,- COCKRELL Lived Among Cherokees

3 May 2018

As BRYAN began to drink heavily in the early 185o’s, and his capacity for civic leadership waned, a new personality rose in the community — Alexander Cockrell, Dallas’ first capitalist. Cockrell made himself so strongly felt and his initiative, before his untimely end, so foreshadowed the spirit of the later builders of the town that […]


28 April 2018

The Sarah and Alex Cockrell continued to expand their holdings.  By the beginning of 1857, Alex had completed plans for a grand new hotel.  He did not live to see the hotel completed. On April 3, 1858, he was killed on a downtown Dallas street by City Marshall Andrew M. Moore. Marshall Moore was new in […]


21 February 2018

To: Jane Horton Bradshaw.  The Bradshaw Farm, Abington, Virginia.  My beloved sister, Jane, your letters arrived in the same post yesterday.  It was good to hear from you. I can tell by some of the questions you asked and the comments you made that you have not been receiving all of my letters. It is […]

1908 FLOOD at Dallas

10 February 2018

The Greek Revival home of Alexander and Sarah Cockrell was built in 1858 on the original site of John Neely Bryan’s third log cabin. In 1852 the Cockrell family purchased this lot, along with Bryan’s unsold townsite property.  The house, which stood at the southwest corner of Commerce and Broadway (now the Triple Underpass) was […]