SAMUEL SPONG, Dallas – 1885

Samuel Spong was the oldest child of Uriah and Virginia Spong.  Agnes Hoskins was the daughter of Henry Clay and Nancy Hoskins, early pioneers of Dallas County. Her maternal grandfather was Washington Routh who came to Texas before the Civil War from Tennessee. She moved to Rockwall County at the age of twelve.

Sam& Agnes Spong

Sam & Agnes Spong, 1885

Sam Spong already had a farm and home about four and one-half miles East of Rockwall then he and Agnes married on January ‘5, 1885. After the wedding, when the couple left for their home, they took with them an organ and six hens in the back of a wagon.

In 1905 the Sam Spongs moved to town into a one-story home on two acres of ground (now the corner of S. Goliad and St. Mary’s). This house was later enlarged and extended into a two story home. The family also kept the farm, although they lived in Rockwall.

Agnes devoted much time to two special hobbies, growing flowers and writing poetry. She had a large greenhouse which furnished fowers for many Rockwall funerals.

After moving into town, Sam continued to farm and also served as County Commissioner. At the age of 87, he was still able to see about his property. During a severe winter spell of weather, he went out to check the windmill, slipped on the ice and fell. It was some time before he was found, and he developed pneumonia which led to his death.

Samuel Spong was born July 8, 1856, and died March 8, 1943. Agnos Hoskins was born August 26, 1869, and died June 26, 1960.

Their children were: Mattie Lee, born 1886, died 1977, married J. Harry Parker; Virginia (Jennie), born 1887, still living in 1983, married T.L. Lawhorn; Nancy (Nannie), born 1889, died 1979, married J.R. Bourn; and John, born 1903, died 1981, married Ruth Bullock.

By Virginia Lawhorn Rice for Rockwall County History by Rockwall County Historical Foundation.