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Samuel Jackson Sauls was born in 1874. He was required to remain at home until his twenty first birthday. This was customary in those days. He came to Texas in 1895 and lived in “German Town” at Forney, Texas. He met Savanah Lemons at a church social and they courted for about six months before being married on December 25, 1897. Savanah was the daughter of William and Mary Baugh Lemons.

Samuel & Savanah Lemons Sauls

Samuel & Savanah Lemons Sauls

Children of Samuel and Savanah Sauls were Jack Sauls, Laura Sauls Chenault, Avery Sauls, and Cleo Sauls Zumbrum, in addition to Infant Leonard Sauls. Leonard died when six months old. Their daughter, Laura Sauls Chenault, says “A good looking man come up to our door one night. He was wearing a white shirt and black slacks. It was Bonnie and Clyde. They pulled into their driveway one night and Clyde Barrow knocked on the door. Bonnie stayed in the car. Clyde ask if he could buy a dozen eggs. He told mother not to worry that they didn’t mean any harm. He then paid five dollars for a dozen eggs. That was a lot of money back in those days. He returned to the car and they headed out. He was a very polite man.”

Sam worked for the Forney Hay Company while living at Forney. There was a big demand for good prairie hay in those days and the company that he worked for had a large crew that ran a horse powered thrasher and hay bailer. They traveled all over Kaufman County where they cut hay and then shipped it out by rail to points all over the United States. A chuck wagon followed the crew from one field to another.

Samuel later bought his own wagon and mules which meant that he received additional wages. He and Savannah later moved to the “German Settlement” which was located east of Rowlett. This area was later known as the Dalrock Community. Samuel and Savannah lived on the farm she had inherited from her father, William Lemons. The farm consisted of virgin timber land and Samuel went to work clearing the land so that he could plant corn, cotton and maze.

Cleo moved to Dallas and worked in the catalogue department of Sears and Roebuck. Avery and Jack hired on with the construction crew that built the Bankhead Highway. They used a wagon and team to haul gravel for the road bed. The highway was later named Route 66.

Savanah Lemons Sauls died at Rowlett, Texas on April 3, 1939. Samuel Jackson Sauls followed in 1962. Both are buried at Mills Cemetery.

Courtesy A History of Rowlett by Rowlett Historical Society