SAM CAMMARATA, Sky Ranch Fatality

Sam Cammarata, 30 of 2821 State, an instructor at the Sky Ranch Airport, was killed and his student, Bill Covington, 19, of 3018 Alabama was fatally injured when their light, two passenger plane crashed at the airport three miles south of the Veterans Hospital at Lisbon and about a half mile east of Lancaster Road Thursday at 7:00 pm.

Sam Cammarata Sky Ranch Fatality

Sam Cammarata Sky Ranch Fatality

The plane, witnesses said started spinning at a high altitude but momentarily pulled out. A moment later, however, the plane went into another spin, which stripped the fabric from the right wing, and crashed into a wheat field on the south portion of the airfield. Its nose was buried about three feet into the earth.

The body of Cammarata, who, with Lawrence Schell, operated the field, was wedged in the wreckage and was extricated with difficulty by Wink Brown and John Smith with Lamar and Smith ambulance service.

Covington was taken to Methodist Hospital where he died at midnight of a fractured skull and internal injuries.

Deputy Sheriffs Pat Thornburg and V. E. Barksdale said witnesses told them that the plane had been stunting just prior to the crash.

Alton D. Crowder of 2103 Arden Road, who was driving home from work on Lancaster Road at the time and saw the plane was in trouble, said it was spinning slowly and headed straight for the ground when it disappeared behind a small hill and crashed.

Cammarata, who had been flying for a number of years, had only becently become a partner in the Sky Ranch Airport, his family said.

He is survived by his wife, two young daughters, Pauline and Jo Erl Cammarata; his mother, Mrs. Pauline Cammarata, of Dallas and two brothers, Joe of Dallas and and Nick Cammarata, United States Army.

Burial was at Calvery Hill Mausoleum. Obituary courtesy June 2, 1944 edition of Dallas Morning News. Photo courtesy family member.