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Details of the Hogge and Herring date back to early pioneer days.  From a home, high on a hill overcooking Dallas and Collin County, the Daniel Herring family could clearly see the surrounding area in any direction. Daniel came to Collin County in 1848 from Illinois with his wife, family and mother. It is interesting to know that William Sachse was in the same group. Part of his headright was located in what would later become Dallas and part in would become Collin County.

James D. Hogge, Son of Eli & Sallie

James D. Hogge, Son of Eli & Sallie

From the pages of the old Hogge-Herring Bible one may read the personal descriptions of pioneers of this area. Eli Hogge was a tall, slender man with blue eyes, black curly hair and an aquiline nose. He must have been a very handsome man, but his wife, Sallie, was a rare beauty, also. She was described as a little, brave and determined brunette.

From Germany to South Carolina came a well-learned family by the name of Hogge during the big migration in the 1700’s to the New World. Eli Hogge was born in South Carolina, one of the four children of Thomas and Mary, on September 7,1828.

In the early 1850’s Eli came to this area. Here he met, wooed and wed Sarah Jane (Sallie) Herring, born January 27, 1838 in Illinois to Daniel and Mary Deck Herring. They had moved here in 1848. To Sallie and Eli nine children were born. They were:
I. JOHN WILLIAM was born July 5, 1858. He
married Fannie Huff in 1879 and died July 15, 1880.
II. JAMES D. HOGGE was born August 20, 1860. He married
Betty Lakey in 1881. James was an early day pony express
carrier for this area. He passed away June 28, 1926.
III. ELI JR. was born November 11, 1862 and died
April 1, 1906. Eli Jr., with a Mr. Daniel, owned a business in
IV. MARY ANN was born January 1, 1866. She
married James H. Marriott in 1892 and died November 2,
V. SARAH (SALLIE) HOGGE was born June 2, 1869 and died October 13, 1874.
VI. ELNATHAN was born June 16, 1872. He married Beaulah Wallis in 1892.
VII. CHARLES M. (BABE) was born September 2,
1875. He married Mamie Smith in 1898 and died May 12,
1912. He is buried in the Wylie Cemetery.
VIII. FRANK HOGGE was born August 2, 1878 and died November 5, 1888.
IX. EDNA MAY was born March 8,1883 and married
James Wright McDonald May 15, 1904. She died in 1972.
Mrs. Verna Douglas and Bruce McDonald are her

Farming is not the only profession practiced by Hogge. He participated with several local men hauling bois d’arc to Jefferson and supplies back. When the Civil War erupted, Eli volunteered to “protect the south.” He served under the leadership of General Joseph E. Johnston. Because of an illness which he contacted in camp, Eli returned home. He never fully recovered from this illness.

Eli was an active person in spite of his illness. He helped to organize a school named Morris School #10 which was better known as Rawhide. It was Hogge who put up the famous cowhide door to give the school its nickname in 1873. Hogge was the first teacher there. He taught the 3-R’s-readin’, ‘ritin’ and ‘rithmetic from the old Blueback speller.

For a while Hogge was a Star Route carrier for the post office, and later he was employed by the railroad before his demise October 24, 1883. At the age of 45 years, Sallie was left a widow with several small children. She wrote that she had had the love of one good man and would not marry again. Sallie raised her children well and lived a full, determined life, dying at the age of 97 years and three days. She passed away January 30, 1935. Sallie and Eli, as well as five of their children, are buried in the Hogge-Herring Cemetery at Murphy, Texas.

Photo: James D. Hogge, son of Eli and Sally Hogge.