PAUL MACK BRAWLEY Meets Tragic Death

Paul Mack Brawley was the first of five children born to Sarah Cornelia “Sally” McCallum and Hazelton Sidney “Scott” Brawley. Paul’s parents were both native of Chester County, South Carolina. The father being born April 30, 1864 and the mother being born in January of 1865,

Mamie Brawley, far Right

Mamie Brawley, far Right

The children, of Scott and Sally Brawley were:
1. Paul Mack Brawley, born June 8, 1888 in Collin Co. TX and married Edna Pelton.
2. Sadie Vista, born at Georgetown TX March 4, 1892 and married Carl H. Carr.
3. Annie Darcus Brawley, born Sep. 17, 1894 at Lamar County, TX and married Edgar E. McEwin.
4. Hiram Dewey Brawley, born March 20, 1898 in Lamar County and died sept. 23, 1989 at Abilene TX.
5. Mamie Jewel Brawley was born September 5, 1900 in Lamar County TX and married Bruce James Jefferies.

Sally McCallum was born and raised in the Baton Rouge / Carmel Hill area of western Chester County, SC. She married Scott Brawley around 1887. Scott and his new wife soon moved the family to McKinney TX and their first child (Paul Brawley) was born there. But they moved again and eventually settled in Lamar County where they lived in the Caviness Community just north of Paris, Texas.

Their father, Scott, died in 1902 at 38 years of age. This caused their mother to move the family back to the Liberty Grove area where they settled near their McCallum relatives at Pleasant Valley. A few years later, their mother had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized in the state hospital at Terrell, Texas where she died in September of 1907 from stomach cancer. This left the five children now with out parents. Little Mamie was only 7 years old.

After the children were orphaned, Sadie stayed with her Uncle Marion McCallum. Dewey was raised by Duncan Frazier Poovey which was the brother of my great grandmother, Carah Poovey Pelton. Annie lived with several different relatives before going back to Lamar County where she stayed with her Aunt Visk Brawley. Mamie was raised by her Aunt Ida McCallum Pendergrass Lewis in the Elm Grove community. Paul went to Oklahoma to find work, but returned to Liberty grove about 2 years later. He then married Edna Pelton.

The following details were told to me by my grandmother Beatrice Pelton Merritt. “Edna and Paul were in the wagon where Pleasant Valley Road meets Elm Grove. Edna had one of the babies in her arm when the horses started acting up. Paul went around in front of the horses and grabbed the reins so he could get em settled down, but the horses lunged forward and that wagon tongue went right thru Paul’s stomach. That left Edna with two small children to raise.”

Even though the children of Scott and Sarah McCallum Brawley had a difficult and tragic childhood, they almost all, except Paul, lived to be 100 years of age.

Special Thanks to Wayne McCallum for his help on this project.

Photo: William Morgan Lewis, 1857-1932, Ida McCallum Pendergras Lewis, 1859-1943, Katie Robertson, 1894-1977 (adopted daughter), Mamie Brawley, 1900-2000 (Ida’s niece).  Courtesy Wayne McCallum.