Pioneers of Dallas County

COL. J. W. FORNEY, Became City’s Namesake

8 June 2018

ACROSS THE KAUFMAN COUNTY line from Dallas, the city of Forney per­petuates the name of a onetime Pennsylvania newspaper editor and politician. He was a prime factor almost a century ago in altering the destiny of Dallas and other North Texas communities by the construc­tion of pioneer railroads to serve them. This now largely forgotten […]

ISSAC SANGER Recalls Pioneer Dallas

7 June 2018

Issac Sanger, the eldest of the Sanger brothers who came to America from Obernbreit, Bavaria, arrived in Texas in 1857 and journeyed by stage from Houston to McKinney, thirty miles north of Dallas where he opened the first Sanger store. Isaac Sanger was followed to Texas by his brothers Lehman and Philip Sanger. In i861, […]


6 June 2018

John Neely Bryan seems to have been one of those mortals whose lives show spurts of considerable practical initiative, alternating with the instinct to wander off into dreams. And as so often happens, his spirit must have been the unhappy battlefield of these conflicting drives. His romantic approach even in business is suggested by the […]

WILLIAM LAWHORN Family Reaches Duck Creek

6 June 2018

The family of William and Martha Lawhorn came to Texas from Schott County, Mississippi.  They traveled by covered wagon and crossed the Mississippi River on a barge. Thomas L. Lawhorn was five months old when they made the journey. After a short stay near Duck Creek in Dallas County, the William Lawhorn family moved to […]

JOHN M. ORAM,Electronics Pioneer

5 June 2018

JOHN M. ORAM, a member of the family for whom Oram Street in northeast Dallas is named, occupies a unique place in the development of the electric and communications industries of Dallas. A successful inventor of mechanical and electrical instruments, he might well be singled out as the outstanding pioneer in the field of electronics […]

CHARLIE SPONG, Duck Creek Pioneer

5 June 2018

Charles,(Charlie) Spong was born on February 3, 1863 in a log cabin with a side room, at Duck Creek, near Garland. His father was in Hoods Regiment during the Civil War. He was the 4th and youngest child at this time.When the Northern General Sutton and soldiers came, they took horses, cattle, food and left […]


4 June 2018

Benjamin J. Prigmore was born 1 August 1830 in Missouri and died 3 October 1901. He was buried in the McCree Cemetery, Dallas County, Texas. He married Nancy Lucinda (Lucy) Jackson born 12 September 1833 in Tennessee and died October 1904. She was buried in the MeCree Cemetery. They were married 8 February 1853 by […]


3 June 2018

John Jay Good was born in Hinds County, Mississippi on July 12, 1827.  He grew up in Lowndes County where his father worked as a shoemaker and farmer.  He attended Cumberland University inLebanon, Tennessee and read law in Columbus, Mississippi where he studied law.  He was admitted to the bar in 1849. Good headed to […]

COL. JOHN McCOY, Beloved Pioneer

3 June 2018

John Calvin McCoy was born on September 28, 1819 in Clark County Indiana. As a deputy circuit clerk of Clark County from 1837 to 1839 he studied law in his spare time. In May of 1841 he received his license to practice. He moved to Dallas in the spring of 1845 as a surveyor for […]

HIGHLAND PARK’S Historical Development

2 June 2018

THE SURGE TO THE SUBURBS is no recent phenomenon in the growth of Dallas. The first great explosive moves came in the 1880s, notably in the rise of East Dallas, the opening of Oak Cliff, and the laying of the groundwork for what would become Highland Park, elder of the two Park Cities, during the […]


1 June 2018

The morning of July 16, 1872, was the widely announced time for the arrival of the first train at Dallas.A group known as terminal merchants had followed the railroad from its inception. The merchants were on hand, but the largest crowd in the history of the town assembled for the great occasion. Most of the […]


1 June 2018

In its earliest years, settlers. Thomas H. Hord, who arrived as a six-year-old child from Tennessee just before Christmas of 1845, recalled that there were some 1,500 friendly Delaware Indians encamped on the river bank in what is now the industrial district between Oak Cliff and downtown Dallas. There were less than a hundred permanent […]

GLAD ACRES’ Rich History Remains

31 May 2018

A feature that everyone who lives in Valley View Park Estates can readily identify with are the ancient cedar trees on Marsh and Valley View Lanes that we drive past every day as we turn onto Glad Acres Drive at the entrance to our beautiful neighborhood. Remarkably, those “towering cedar trees” are also one of […]

MARION SNIDER, Stamps Quartet Pianist

31 May 2018

Marion Snider, on far right, grew up in Lucas, Texas, but he traveled to Oak Cliff in order to attend the week long Stamps Baxter singing class which was held on the second floor above the old drug store on Jefferson Blvd.  After he finished the class, he traveled to west Texas in order to […]

JOHN NEELY BRYAN, Jr Reveals Dallas’ Namesake

29 May 2018

JOHN NEELY BRYAN, JR., oldest child of the founder of Dallas, returned to the city where he was born after an absence of a quarter of a century, on January 9, 1906, an especially significant date in his life because it marked his sixtieth birthday. The Dallas Morning News learned of his presence in town […]

JESSE MOONEYHAM, Early Pioneer Family

29 May 2018

Jesse Mooneyham was born in 1803 in Surrey County, North Carolina, and moved to Warren County, Tennessee, by 1822. He had married Nellie Minerva “Minnie” McCarver by 1823. They had ten children, and the ninth child was James Lawson Mooneyham. His mom may have died by the time he was five, which may be the […]

JOHN W. LOW First Dallas WWI Casuality

28 May 2018

John Wesley Low was the first boy from Dallas County that sacrificed, and gave his life that the world might be free for Democracy” so it was written in one of the history books on World War I. But to my grandmother, Zelma Inez (Low) Bucy he was an older brother and to my great-grandparents, […]


25 May 2018

THE ADMINISTRATION Of Mayor Henry S. Ervay ran from April, 1870, until November, 1872, and represented a breakpoint, or watershed, in the history of Dallas. Before then, the community had been an iso­lated frontier village which laid little claim to being more than that. During Ervay’s term of office, the public’s attitude toward the whole […]

AUTOMOBILE Makes Early Dallas Debut

24 May 2018

The Second Automobile in Dallas was given by Jay Gould, the notorious railroad magnate, to L. S. Thorne, general manager of the T&P Railway, a Gould road. That was in 1900. After that the horseless carriages multiplied too fast to assign them rank. Dallas quickly saw an opportunity with the automobile coming so rapidly into […]

TRINITY RIVER, Texas’ Longest

23 May 2018

The Trinity River is Texas’ longest river entirely in Texas. It is not with three branches as the name Trinity implies, but with four – Clear, West, Elm and East Forks. Lost members of Hernando de Soto’s expedition wandered across it in the 1500s; French traders camped on its banks in the 1700s; Indian hunters […]