Pioneers of Dallas County


7 February 2018

The family of William and Martha Lawhorn came to Texas from Scott County, Mississippi. They traveled by covered wagon and crossed the Mississippi River on a barge. Thomas L. Lawhorn was five months old when they made the journey. After a short stay near Duck Creek in Dallas County, the William Lawhorn family moved to […]


7 February 2018

Rowlett was a tiny farming town of less than one hundred people when a church of the Disciples of Christ was founded there in 1893. It was the first church to be organized in downtown Rowlett area. Thirteen church pioneers led by Aunt Ebb Coyle, who donated part of her farmland for the church home […]


6 February 2018

Marge Harrington, 94, poses for a portrait at Grace Presbyterian Village, a senior living and health service, in Dallas, TX on Oct. 5, 2015. During WWII, Harrington worked as a secretary for the US Navy in Arlington. Originally from Boston, MA, Harrington said she was thrilled to escape the Northeastern winters. Harrington said she met […]


6 February 2018

The Dallas Philological Society will dedicate a marker of Texas granite Sunday, Oct. 16, 1958 at 3 p.m. The site, in Farmers Branch, Texas, is that of the first school house in Dallas County. Site of the ceremony is on Valley View Road west of Webb Chapel Road.  School children of Farmers Branch will sing […]


6 February 2018

Robert Rippy was born in Sumner County, Tennessee on 14 March 1866. He married Mary Frances (Fannie) Gant 1 August 1888. Mary was born 1 January 1868.  Before they were married, Robert (with the help of his friends and brothers) built a two-room log house in Tennessee for them to start their life together. Most […]

TREES CEMETERY, Duncanville, Texas

6 February 2018

The Trees Cemetery is located in Duncanville at 1800 Santa Fe. The original site for this family cemetery is a small portion of the 320 acre Thomas Anderson Survey. Crawford Trees’ Survey is east of the Anderson Survey and the now two and one half acre Trees Cemetery began on this survey and later expanded. […]


6 February 2018

Dr. Oscar Glenn’s office was located in the busiest part of downtown Seagoville, Texas in the 1920s and thirties. He was known by just about everyone around as the “Whistling Doctor” because he drove a team of horses and buggy at breakneck speed, whistling all the way. The East Fork of the Trinity River acts […]

GENERAL R. M. GANO, Baptized 4,000

6 February 2018

Gano  Street which abuts City Park in South Dallas, is named for one of the more remarkable Dallas pioneers. Gen. Richard M. Gano was a min­ister of the gospel, physician, farmer, rancher, banker, and native of Bourbon County, Kentucky. Born in 1830, he appreciated two of his native county’s most famous products—beautiful women and fine […]


6 February 2018

The Brown Cracker and Candy Company was founded at Dallas, Texas in 1903.  It was located at 603 Munger Avenue which was an industrial area near the end of McKinney Avenue.  This area is now known as the West End. Dallas Morning News – May 31, 1903 Crowds Greater Than The Most Sanguine Expected Are […]


5 February 2018

Forest Avenue High School has produced some of the city’s most notable residents, including TV producer Aaron Spelling and retail guru Stanley Marcus. But in 1956, four decades after the doors to its Italian Renaissance-style building opened, Forest Avenue High School faded into Dallas’ history books: Once a premier all-white school, it was rechristened a […]

MISS INEZ TEDDLIE & The Palace Wurlitzer

5 February 2018

Consider yourself lucky if you were ever privileged to hear the Wurlitzer organ at the Palace Theatre. It was on a hydraulic operated platform that would rise from beneath the stage. Organist Weldon Flanagan played this massive organ for many years. “Miss Inez” Teddlie also played the Palace organ for a local weekly radio show. […]


5 February 2018

The first high school in the history of Dallas was founded in 1887 and was housed above a grocery store owned by Austin Brothers. The store was located at the corner of Main and Akard Streets. Ten teachers were employed by the board in order to establish a school in that location.  Several years later, […]

DR. SHERMAN P. SPARKS, Country Doctor

5 February 2018

The late Elvis Presley recorded the country western hit, “Ghetto,” almost a century after the words applied to another Illinois family — the Ernest Sparks family. The words of the song, “On a cold and gray December morn, a poor little baby boy was born — in the Ghetto,” referred to poverty stricken families who […]


4 February 2018

Arnold Joseph Poovey was born in Dallas, Texas. His start in show business came at the tender age of 12. His parents had encouraged him to learn the guitar and by 1953 he was fronting his own country band, the Hillbilly Boys, and playing the prestigious Big D Jamboree where he was billed as Jumping […]


3 February 2018

In the midst of the great Communist scare during the McCarthy hearings, I was in high school and not taking anything very seriously. That is, until my aunt, Cleora Clanton got her picture in the newspaper. I knew she had a very responsible position because she had a big office at the main Library, and, […]

LOUISE RAGGIO, Women’s Rights Champion

1 February 2018

Louise Hilma Ballerstedt Raggio, celebrated lawyer and women’s rights activist, was born on June 15, 1919, to Louis Ballerstedt and Hilma (Lindgren) Ballerstedt in Austin, Texas. Raised as the sole Ballerstedt child on a Central Texas farm, she graduated from Austin High School as valedictorian and entered the University of Texas in 1936 to train […]

SARAH BERNHARDT, Famous Actress Performs in Cornfield

30 January 2018

Perhaps the most famous actress of all time, Sarah Bernhardt, is regarded as one of the finest actors of the 19th century, appearing on the stage and in some of the earliest films ever produced. Born on October 22, 1844 in Paris, France, Sarah Bernhardt was raised by her mother and attended the Paris Conservatoire […]

NELLIE MAURINE, Steamer Travels Trinity River

29 January 2018

It was in 1908 that thirty couples would dance into the night just days before disaster.  There had been many moonlight boating trips down the Trinity River at Dallas, Texas before.  But it was thought that this would be the last trip the Nellie Maurine would make until the spring rains arrived.Thirty couples were carried […]


29 January 2018

Abraham Zahn emigrated from Germany in 1869 to New York, then to Pennsylvania, Kansas, and finally Oklahoma. He came to work with his Uncle George Zahn in the United States. In Oklahoma he became a butcher (meat cutter), providing meat to the Indian families. Abraham’s son, Henry George Zahn, born in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania on […]

JOHN JAY GOOD & Hedgcoxe War

29 January 2018

John Jay Good was judge, soldier, and mayor of Dallas.  He was the son of George Good and was born in Monroe County, Mississippi, on July 12, 1827.  He was reared in Lowndes County, where his father worked as a shoemaker and farmer.  He was also in charge of pioneer settlers during the Hedgcoxe War. […]