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Mills Lane in Irving was named in honor of this family.  Nicolas was born April 17, 1823, in France to Francis Joseph and Charlotte Gertrude (Figurey) Farine. In 1858 he came to the La Reunion Colony settlement near Dallas, via New Orleans. He had a wife and a child; both were lost shortly after their arrival to causes unknown.

When the La Reunion settlement disbanded, Nicolas procured land in the area now known as Irving. The home was near the present day MacArthur High School and another tract was at the present site of the Irving Baylor Medical Center. After settling there, he married Jane Mills, whose family had fled the ravages of the Civil War in southwest Missouri. Mills Lane in Irving is named for this family.

To this union, six children were born: Albert, 1868; Mary, 1870; Phillip, 1876; Fanny, 1878; Lucy, 1882; and Franklin, 1884. Three would spend their lifetimes on the old homestead—Phillip, Lucy, and Albert. Mary married a neighbor, Francis M. Story, son of the pioneer Jonathon Story. Mary and Francis moved often before settling on the Story place. Fanny (my mother) married Jonathon’s grandson, William C. Story. They acquired land south of the Story home, where they livedduring their lifetime of farming. The corners of the Farine and Story properties were near Adah Lane and Bellah Drive in Irving.

Nicolas is reported to have been a musician, and a French university uses one of his compositions as its song. My mother, Fanny, told of his bringing her an accordion and teaching her some music. She liked to pick out a melody on a piano and called out the notes as DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA, TI, DO.

The six children of Nicolas and Jane have produced many descendants. The name Farine has survived only through their son, Phillip.

By Ray Story for Dallas County Pioneer Association‘s Proud Heritage, Volume III.

Photo: William C. Story family—1918