Newman L. Lofland was born July 18, 1884, in Yell County, Arkansas, and was the son of William Isaac and Amanda Edwards Lofland.

He carried on the family tradition of acquiring land and had extensive land holdings. He was a successful farmer and rancher. Newman was instrumental in the drilling of two oil wells in Rockwall County. The first was the Barron-Lofland No. 1 well drilled in 1931. The other well was the Sherman-Dodd-N.L.  No. 1 drilled in 1935.

He was reared in the Chisholm-Rockwall communities and in 1910 was married to Julia Annie Anderson, also a member of a pioneer Rockwall County family.

A lover of the land and good farming practices.  He was active in soil conservation and rehabilitation for many years and encouraged soil erosion prevention by using his
Annie Lofland & Friends in Vintage Auto

farm for experimental purposes.

He was a member of the First Baptist Church in Rockwall and was supportive of the education, social and civic affairs of the town and county.  He served on the Rockwall School Board and was a member of the Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce.  At the time of his death he was the oldest member of the First Baptist Church in Rockwall where he served many years as Sunday School Superintendent, chairman of the finance committee and trustee of the church.

Julia Annie Anderson was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel James Anderson.  She was born September 14, 1892 in Rockwall County.  She was a 1910 graduate of Wells College, Rockwall, Texas. She was valedictorian of her class and received medals in oratory and music. Annie was a devoted member of the First Baptist Church and served the church in many capacities. The First Baptist Church in Rockwall was organized in the home of her great-grandfather, J.C. Williams. She also had much interest in the schools and served as president of the P.T.A. Mrs. Lofland was a member of the Friday Study Club for sixty-three years. She loved beauty and flowers and was a member of two garden clubs, the Elysian Garden Club and the Work and Hope Garden Club. Mrs. Lofland was a charter member of the Rockwall County Historical Foundation and a member of the Rockwall County Friends of the Library.

They were the parents of three children: Nan Allene born March 11, 1913, William I. born June 17, 1918, and Juliana born October 12, 1931. Nan Allene Lofland married Joe Brevard Smartt. William Isaac Lofland married Evelyn Brown Wallace and they are the parents of two sons, Newman Wallace Lofland and William Briggs Lofland. Juliana Lofland married Dr. David Leeper Bond and they are the parents of two children.  Newman died October 21, 1975.

By Nan Lofland Smartt for Rockwall County History by Rockwall County Historical Foundation.

Photo: On the square in downtown Rockwall. Annie is driving with Blanche Corre. Rear Seat: Ethna Anderson, Lucile Anderson and Ruby Raines.