An old North Texas landmark dating back to the days when cotton was king of the blacklands is coming down (1960).  It is the old tower of concrete block at the intersection of Greenville Ave. and Glen Lakes Drive which the City of Dallas will tear down and haul away soon to clear the way for the extension of Walnut Hill Lane east from North Central Expressway.

Mystery Dallas Landmark

Mystery Dallas Landmark

The old tower landmark, which has stood like a sentinel on one of the main roads north out of Dallas for more than 50 years, is on the 72 acre site of the new $9.5 Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas now under construction. The hospital has deeded approximately three acres to the city to permit the extension of the six lane throughfare.

The origin of the tower seems lost in the early history of Dallas Cunty.

“It was there when the land was acquired for the Reynolds Presbyterian Orphans Home in the middle 1920s”, said Ralph Read, executive director of the home, which has since been relocated at Waxahachie. “I understand it served as the base for a water tank for a very elegant pioneer mansion which burned to the ground long before the land was obtained for the orphans home,” Mr. Read said.

W. W. Caruth, who grew up nearby, said, “The tower was there when I was a boy. It looked just like it does today. No one remembered even then for sure why it had been built.”

The City of Dallas received bids Monday for the clearing of the right-of-way for the new Walnut Hill extension. A portion of the job will be to remove the tower.

Courtesy Dallas Times Herald article. No date. Campaign photo of Earl Cabell on back. Date estimated to be about 1960 based of his campaign for Dallas, Texas mayor.  Note: Rambler  Road at Walnut Hill would be approximate current location of the old tower. Find another historical building here.