The mighty Constitution will be on view at Love Field for two days.  The public is invited.  TURNED ON ONE WING end, she would tower about the height of the
Baker Hotel. Her fuselage could swallow a Pullman car, two freight cars and for good measure, a city bus.

1949 Exhibit of Navy's Giant Constitution Airplane

That’s the size of the United States Navy’s $15,000,000 Lockhead Constitution, brought into Love Field Monday for a two day stay as part of a national test tour and to pep up naval aviation cadet recruiting.

The rudder of the big ship called the world’s commercial type airplane reaches five full stories above the ground.

The Constitution has hour motors that develop 14,000 horsepower. That is about three times the power of a diesel railway locomotive. For extra power, there are six jets in the 189 foot spread of its wings to give an extra 3,500 horsepower on takeoff.

The navy has invited the public to come out and look over the sleek ship. Hundreds, including the various crews of regular airliners dwarf ed by the magnitude of the Constitution, paced through the three decks Monday afternoon.

An enlated man distributed picture postcards of the big ship to visitors as they completed their tours. The card had a plug for the navy: “The naval cadet aviation program offers the finest and most complete flight trainin obtainable and a chance to Fly with the Fleet to 2 year college men 18-27 years of age. For further information write NAVCAD, Washington D. C.”

A feature that intrigued the civilian crowd that went through the giant plane were tunnels from the fuselage to enable flight personnel to inspect motors, landing gear and other equipment in flight. A big man can crawl comfortably to within six feet of the tip of either wing.

The navy received the Constitution at the Alameda Naval Air Station in California on February 2nd. The cabins of the three decks are sound proofed and have no glare lighting. Seats will recline. A galley provides facilities to prepare 300 meals on each flight.