Marshall Moore Skiles, called Marsh, was born born 26 June 1870 in Dallas County, Texas, son of Charles William and Martha Alice (Rowland) Skiles. In 1895, in Dallas County, he married Mary Frances (Fannie) Laurence Butler, the daughter of Robert Fabius and Mary Ann (Moss) Butler.

Marshal & Fannie Butler Skiles

Marshal & Fannie Butler Skiles

Marsh and Fannie lived in a tenant house on a farm on the north side of Arapaho Road, west of Westshore Drive (formerly Martin Road) in Richardson. They bought the Buller farm back from B F. Binkley on 10 November 1904. Robert Butler had sold the farm to Binkley in 1895 and built a fancy “gingerbread” covered house on the farm. This 150-acre farm is at the southwest corner of Westshore Drive and Campbell Road in Richardson. Marsh bought an additional 58 acres of the Allen land from Clifford Huffhines’ mother in 1920. Marsh had also acquired a considerable amount of Rowland land.

Marsh had a cow barn, a mule barn, a buggy shed, a thresher shed and a number of negro houses for his laborers. He had a windmill to pump water to an above ground storage tank for running water and a D.C. power plant for lights. The county of Dallas brought him a grader to keep the dirt on Campbell Road graded.
Marsh died on 28 June 1931 and Fannie died on 13 November 1931. Both are buried in Mount Calvary Cemetery in Dallas. Pioneer settlers used this site for burials as early as the 1840s. The William Huffhines family donated a two-acre tract, which included the early graves, to Mount Calvary Baptist Church. A frame church building stood here until 1885 when the congregation moved to Richardson, and later became the First Baptist Church. More land was added by C. C. Huffhines in 1896 and by C. C. Chick in 1925. A cemetery association, formed in 1924, cares for the approximately 800 graves.

Marsh and Fannie Skiles had eight children:
• William Sidney, was born 3 February 1897 in
Richardson. He married Lottye Evalina Scott on 2 January 1920 in Dallas County. He died 27 November 1988 in Houston, Texas. They had three daughters: Marjorie, Rose, and Nancy.
• Jesse Butler was born 8 August 1899 in
Richardson. He married (1) Marie Reelhom and on 20 August 1945 he married (2) Aloyce Rhea Cook. He died 21 July 1971, and is buried in Restland Cemetery in Richardson. Jesse and Aloyce had one son, Marshall.
• Mary Alice, was born 9 May 1901 in
Richardson. She married Homer Franklin Nicker on 1 January 1922. She lives in Cleburne, Texas. They had two sons, Marshall and Frank, and a daughter, Mary Beth.
• Elbert Marshall (Bert) was born 28 August 1904
in Richardson. He married Iva Pearl Rippy on 28 October 1922. They live in Plano, Texas, and have four sons, Robert, James, Ray, and Bill, and one daughter, Jean.
• Donald James was born 30 March 1906 in
Richardson. He married Martha Edith Terry on 9 November 1929. He died on 27 July 1983, and is buried in Restland Cemetery in Richardson Edith died 12 March 1985, and is buried beside him. They had one daughter, Julia.
• Clifford Akie (Tottie) was born 3 December 1908
in Richardson. He married Lela Lucille Vines 29 April 1931. He died 7 January 1990, and is buried in Restland Cemetery. Lucille died 27 May 1990, and is buried beside him. They had one son, Clifford, and a daughter, Betty Lou.
• Frank Armstrong was born 26 February 1911 in
Richardson. He married Geraldine Gruggett on 23 November 1932. He died 26 October 1977, and is buried in Restland Cemetery, Richardson. They had two sons, Gerald and Donald, and a daughter, Janet.
• Edna Lorena (Dumpy) was born 28 March 1917 in
Richardson. She married William Charles Wilson, Jr. on 1 October 1938. They live in Farmers Branch, Texas, and have one daughter, Kay.
By Robert Marshall Skiles. From DCPA Proud Heritage Vol. II
Photo: Marshall Moore Skiles & Fannie Butler Skiles.

By Robert M. Skiles for Dallas County Pioneer Association‘s Proud Heritage, Volume II.