Lewis Martin Taylor Flook increased his holdings to include commercial buildings on the Garland City Square, a hotel in Garland, and several lots and houses also in the city limits.

M. L. T. Flook

M. L. T. Flook

Catherine wrote home to Maryland telling her family about life in Garland, Texas, especially about the ease in “plowing a straight row” versus the difficulty in farming the rolling hills of her childhood home. Her parents, Daniel Bechtol and Mahalia Bisor Bechtol, decided that they, too, would move west. The Bechtol farm in Middletown Valley was sold. Two of the Bechtol sons, Dr. Edward Bechtol and Charles Bechtol, decided to settle in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Another son went to Ohio. Only a daughter was left in Maryland.

It was not easy in post Civil War years to became a part of a southern community when one arrived as a northerner, a Republican, and a Lutheran. But, L.M.T. Flook was of a genial, pleasant disposition and came to be came to be respected as a man of his word, impeccably honest.

Since he came from a musical family, his rich bass voice soon earned him a place in the local Baptist Church choir. Members of his family were baptized into this faith, and many of his descendants have been life-long loyal members of Baptist churches, serving on the boards of Baptist institutions.

His older son, Charles, operated a business in Garland for several years before he became ill. His portion of the family farm was sold for one of the first industrial plants to come into Garland. The younger son, Millard, and his wife lived on the original homeplace and operated their farm until he came to retirement age and sold his portion for additional industry.
The two daughters, Della and Hattie, married and reared families in Garland.

Descendants of Lewis and Mary Catherine Flook still living in Garland include three grandchildren: Dr. Taylor T. Pickett, Maydell Pickett Wyrick, and Mary Beth Watson Smith. Great grandchildren who still have interest in Dallas County are Barbara Pickett Sidner, John A. Pickett, James Pickett, Marilyn Wyrick Ingram, Phyllis Wyrick Patterson, Cynthia Smith Rogers, Dr. Gary J. Smith, Robert A. Smith, Cecil Flook, Bill Flook, Charles F look, and Dr. Jerry Flook.

By Mrs. Joseph Smith for Dallas County Pioneer Association‘s Proud Heritage, Volume I