JOHN WISDOM Donates Boy Scout Campground

What promises to be one of the finest camping sites and game preserves in North Texas, was inspected Saturday afternoon by scout executives of the Boy Scouts of America, who are in Dallas at this time in connection with the campaign which the local Boy Scouts’ council will launch soon. Frank W. Wozencraft is president of the council.  This valuable tract of land has been given by John Wisdom, well known Dallas county resident, who, in the last three years, has become so much impressed with the work of the Boy Scouts for the youth of the country, that he made a gift of 200 acres of his land.

John Wisdom, Photograph

John Wisdom

Located on the Duncanville Road, some fifteen miles west of Dallas, the land is unusually high, well-drained and excellent for camping purposes. It rises in height some six feet higher than the top of the Magnolia building.

Civil War Veteran.
Mr. Wisdom came to Dallas shortly after the civil war. He is 74 years of age, hale and hearty as a lad of sixteen, and has been made a veteran scout in recognition of his exceptional services to the local organization.

Saturday afternoon, Arthur A. Schuck, executive from New York headquarters of the Boy Scouts; Clinton Harris of Ardmore, Ok.; J. P. Fitch, regional director with Dallas headquarters, and others in the local scout movement, examined the land donated by Mr. Wisdom and approved the plans for an 8-acre lake that will be made by damming one of the creek courses.

“This is the finest boys’ camp I have ever seen,” W. C. Barnes, president of the Dallas-Oak Cliff Commercial association, said Saturday. “If the people of Dallas realized what a marvelous donation has been made by Mr. Wisdom, they would be enthusiastic about fitting it up in proper shape for the use of Dallas boys with little or no delay.”

Transcribed by Jim Wheat for Dallas County Archives and published on March 11, 1923 by Dallas Daily Times Herald