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In 1890, John Thomas Shipley and his family moved from Tennessee to Garland, Texas. He was a farmer up until 1925 when he moved to town. He later worked in a tinsmith shop. Sarah Jane suffered a stroke in 1916 and she remained crippled until her death from pneumonia in 1925.

John & Sarah Griffin Shipley Family

John & Sarah Griffin Shipley Family

John Thomas Shipley was born on November 16, 1858 in Tennessee and died August 2,1934 in Garland, Texas. He was the son of Alexander (born 10 December 1823 in Tennessee, died 20 July 1906 in Tennessee) and Permelia (Engle) Shipley (born 10 September 1823 in Tennessee, died 15 May 1897 in Tennessee). Her parents were John Engle and Phetna Humphreys. Alexander was the son ofAquella and Mahala Elizabeth Shipley.

On 25 September 1879, John Thomas married Sarah Jane Griffin (born 16 June 1860 in Tennessee, died 2 May 1925 in Garland, Texas) in Cleveland, Tennessee. She was the daughter of Dr. Lewis Griffin (born 16 March 1830 in Georgia, died 5 December 1893 in Tennessee) and Martha Jane (born 24 August 1840 in Georgia, died 24 December 1912 in Tennessee). John Thomas and Sarah Jane had four children, all were born in Tennessee and all died in Texas. They were Louis Griffin (born July 1880, died 24 February 1951); Alexander Martin (born 8 December 1882, died 2 August 1951); Myrtie Leona (bœn 29 October 1884, died 31 January 1951) and Ora Ethel (born 23 October 1886, died 16 1965).

Louis Griffin Shipley married Rosa Loving (born 1 January 1874 in Texas, died 4 August 1920 in Texas). After her death, he married Letha Matilda Coyle Rankin (born 6 July 1884 in Texas). Her first husband was Alexander C. Her parents were Alexander B. and Nancy Coyle. Alexander Martin Shipley married Nola Lee Miller (born 16 July 1885 in Texas, died 8 June 1966 in Texas). Her parents were Charles Thomas and Frances Ellen Miller.

Myrtie Leona married Walter Pleasant Myers (born 16 March 1882 in Texas, died 13 April 1960 in Texas) and her sister, Ora Ethel, married Walter’s brother, Marvin Elias Myers (born 1 January 1880 in Texas, died 21 November 1952 in Texas). The Myers brothers were sons of Samuel Benjamin and Orlena Tennessee (Ray) Myers.

John Thomas Shipley was found dead, in his garage, at his residence by his cousin Luther Shipley, who lived in the house with him. John Thomas and Sarah Jane Griffin Shipley are buried in the Garland City Cemetery.

Photo: Family standing in front of their home in Garland, 1897. (Left to right) Alexander Martin, Louis Griffin,John Thomas, Sarah Jane Griffin, Myrtie Leona and Ora Ethel.

By June Anderson Shipley for Proud Heritage, Volume II by Dallas County Pioneer Association.