JOHN DICKSON Farmed Bear Creek Area

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John A. Dickson (1863-1929) brought his family from Mississippi to Dallas County in 1894, where he rented land and continued farming. Ten years before, on January 31, 1884, he had married Annie America Davis. To this marriage was born: William T in 1885; Vollie Lucille in 1888; Lorena Tina in 1891 and Neva Elizabeth in 1895.

John A & Annie Davis Dickson Family

John A & Annie Davis Dickson Family

John was born December 8, 1863 in Monroe County, Mississippi to John B. and Emily M. Holloway Dickson.

Annie America Davis was born 16 March 1858, near Munford, Talledega County, Alabama, the daughter of Silas M. and Caroline Davis. She is known to have had four brothers and four sisters. One of her sisters and the sister’s husband, Lavonia and Holly Evans, departed Monroe County in 1880 and were in Dallas County when the John A. Dickson family arrived. Lavonia Evans is buried in Laurel Land Cemetery in Oak Cliff.

In 1901, John purchased land in the N. R. Winniford Survey. The farm was located in the Bear Creek School District, south of Lancaster, where the Dickson children began their education. On a neighboring farm, in the John Johnson Survey, lived the Charles Gordon Miller family, having migrated from West Virginia in approximately 1890.

In 1903, at an early age, Vollie Lucille married Emmett Burns Miller. Will married Mattie Rogers at Lancaster in December, 1904 and died less than a year later. after his death, a daughter was born and named Willie T. by her mother. Also in 1905, Lorena Tina married W. J. “Jim” Warren, who had migrated with his family from Virginia about 1890.

Mr. and Mrs. Dickson remained on the farm until Neva was ready for high school, at which time it was sold and they moved to Lancaster. After graduation, Neva married Will Seth Lowrey, and John A. Dickson purchased land in the G. W. Hoover Survey, south of Lancaster. He farmed the land until his death in 1929. Afterward, Annie America Dickson rented the farm to a neighbor and she resided with her various daughters until her death in 1948.

Some years after John Dickson died, the family farm was sold to H. A. Ward, who still owns the land in 1992. John A., Annie America, Will T. Dickson, and Neva Dickson Lowrey, who died in 1974, are buried in Edgewood Cemetery at Lancaster, Texas. Vollie Lucille Dickson Miller died 3 June 1971, and is buried in Llano Cemetery, Amarillo. Lorena Tina Dickson Warren died in 1961 and is buried in the Lawnview Cemetery, Cordell, Oklahoma.

Vollie gave birth to ten children and reared seven boys and two girls. Lorena reared five daughters, and Neva, two boys and one daughter. Of John and Annie’s 19 grandchildren, eight are living in 1992: Lora Warren Taylor, Cordell, Oklahoma; Elizabeth Warren Harms, Billings, Oklahoma; Fay Warren Vanness, Chowchilla, California; Roy Miller, Kerrville, Texas; Aubrey Miller, Rockwall, Texas; Fred Miller, Tulia, Texas,; Roland Miller, Abilene, Texas; and Neva Grace Lowrey McCorkel, Ft. Stockton, Texas. There are 16 great-grandchildren living in 1992.

The Dicksons were devout members of the Baptist faith and John was active in the affairs of the Masonic organizations, having joined in 1912. Annie Dickson was called “Granny” by her family and that is the name by which she is still affectionately known(1193 article).

By Aubrey L. Miller for Dallas County Pioneer Association‘s Proud Heritage, Volume II.

Photo, about 1900: Standing L to R, Volli Lucille, William T. and Lorena Tina. Seated, John A., Neva Eizabeth and Annie America.