Mary Hughes and Isaac B. Webb were married in 1835 in Maury County, Tennessee. Mary, the daughter of Alsey Carr and William Hughes, was born in Stokes County, North Carolina. It is believed that Isaac’s parents were Nancy and Solomon Webb. Mary and Isaac’s children were William Douglas born in 1836, Joshua Whitfield 1837, Allis E. “Alice” 1839, Sarah Almira “Sally” 1841, Mary Jane 1843, Isaac Newton 1846, Nancy Mariah “Anne” 1849, Sophronia Frances “Fronie” 1852, and Samuel H. 1854.

Isaac & Mary Hughes Webb

  Isaac & Mary Hughes Webb

Isaac and Mary lived in Marshall and Bed-ford counties in Tennessee and in Green and Barry counties in Missouri before they started for Texas on October 16, 1843. Four weeks later they crossed the Red River at Beal’s Ferry, where they camped for the birth of Mary Jane on November 26. They arrived at the cabin of Nancy Jane Hughes (Mary’s sister) and William Cochran in Peters Colony of the Republic of Texas on January 27, 1844.

On June 30, 1844, Peters Colony Agent Ralph Barksdale reported that I.B. Webb had one cabin, five children, no slaves, two rifles and (for the rifles) one-half pound of powder and four pounds of lead.

On May 5, 1845 a Methodist society of five members was formed by the Webbs and three neighbors. The congregation was established in the spring of 1846 and a log house, eighteen feet square covered with clapboards, was built within two hundred yards of the Webb cabin. The members gave it the name of Webb’s Chapel, where preaching, class meetings, and a Sabbath school were held. Thomas C. Williams, husband of   Sarah Matilda Hughes, sister of Mary, taught school for the neighborhood children, it is believed, in Webb’s Chapel.

In 1846 Webb and Cochran signed an agreement to swap land: Webb gave Cochran 320 acres of his prairie section and Cochran gave Webb 320 acres off the south boundary of his place in the timber. In 1854, E.M. Pease, governor of the State of Texas, granted to Isaac 633 acres in Nacogdoches District, Dallas County. The Webb Survey then included much of the present City of Farmers Branch.

In 1856, son, William Douglas, married Olivia Merrell. Their children were Isaac Whitfield; Mary H.; Ida W., married Ben F. Howard; Julia May, married Powell B. Yeargan; Samuel Eli; John Edward; William Cornelius; Thomas Warren; Charles; and Margaret Sophrina.

Sarah Almira married Andrew Jackson Dennis in 1860. Their children were Mar-garet Letitia, married William Herbert Demere; James Isaac, married first Kathe-rine Butler Meason and second Angie Pis-tole; Levi William, married Nancy Zemora Roberts; Zuleika Howard, married Joseph Benjamin Gravley; George Newton, married Bessie Allen Asbury; Charles Whit-field, married Sarah Jane Robinson; Ann Ford “Layde”, married Edwin Petty Hall; Jack Sutton, married Lelia

Ann May; Mary Hughes, never married; and three who died in infancy: John C., Sara Parmina, and Alsey/Alice/Alli.

Mary Jane married Howard Cox in 1862 (see related story). Their children were Allen Howard, Marion Whitfield, Mary Rosina, Anna Amanda, Margaret Frances, Thomas Justin, Sarah Olivia, Sophronia Susan, Martha Elizabeth, Joseph James, and Isaac Howard.

In 1868 Isaac Newton married Frances Elizabeth Donald, daughter of the founder (1854) of Flower Mound Presbyterian Church, the Rev. Matthew B. Donald and his wife Isabella Doyle Douglas. Their children were James Holman, who married first Margaret Jane Huffman and second Frances Cummings; Sophronia Belle, married Charles F. Beavers; Robert Newton, married Laura Richardson; and Mary N., who died in infancy.

Joshua Whitfield married Sarah Catherine Dennis in 1869. Their children were Allie E.; Margaret Mary, married James Henry Tanner; Ida Will, married Charles Nichol; Samuel W., married Lillian Prince; Isaac Bud; Zula Mable, married Charles Nichol; and three who died in infancy: Julie Ann, John Blackman, and Georgia Hallena.

Nancy Mariah “Anne” married Warren Taliaferro in 1873. Their children were Dennis Ayer, who died at age one; Jefferson Blackman, who died at age eight; Herbert Warren, married first Leacate Stalcup and second Eva M. Draper; Newton Webb, who died at age twenty-two; Maggie May, married Alvin William Gravely; and Mary Ruth, who died in infancy.

Sophronia Frances married Gerald Louis “Dutch” Ford in 1874. Their children were Gus, married Anne Johnston; Howard Manard, married Ella Smith; Nannie Hughes, who died at age three; William I., married Artie K. Stubenranch; and Allie, married Robert Price Brent.

Isaac B. died in 1880 and Mary Hughes in 1887. They and all their children were buried in Webb Chapel Cemetery.

Mary Margaret (Webb) Davis, a writer of this story, is the great-granddaughter of Isaac Newton Webb. Howard J. Cox, a writer, is the grandson of Mary Jane (Webb) Cox.
By Mary M. (Webb) Davis and Howard J. Cox for Dallas County Pioneer Association’s Proud Heritage, Volume III.