GARLAND OWLS FOOTBALL, 1927 Facts Revealed

For some reason, I was looking over the this photo of the “Fighting Garland Owls” this morning when I suddenly realized that the members of this football team represented some of the most deepest roots of the early pioneers of the Garland area.

Fighting Garland Owls Football Team, 1927

Fighting Garland Owls Football Team, 1927

Before we get into family ties to these team members, it is important to realize that Garland had the only high school in northeast Dallas County. Rose Hill, Rowlett, Pleasant Valley and other areas depended on this highschool. It is also important to know that I will only mention the players that I have knowledge of.

Front Row, L to R:
CLYDE TUCKER – Clyde’s family is a prime example of the early pioneer settlers. His Kirby ancestors arrived in the Garland area as members of the 1854 wagon train from Monroe County, Kentucky. My great-great- great grandfather, Harmon Newman was his grandfather. His uncle, Dick Tucker donated land for the Tuckerville School which was located between Garland and Rowlett. There is enough information about this family to fill a book, but we will move on.
MAC JONES-No knowledge.
HERMAN McCALLUM- Herman Wilkes McCallum is another descendant of early Dallas County pioneer families. Herman married Mary Helen Rogers of Rowlett. I attended school at Rowlett with two of their sons. Their son, Wayne McCallum, is one of the most knowledgeable genealogist in the area.
GLENN BYRD- No Knowledge
WESLEY PERRY-Wesley was the son of Will and Mary Perry. His father, Will, delivered the mail in the Rowlett area for many years back when it was a rural route. I knew his sister, Alva Perry Compton. She lived at Pleasant Valley most of her life and my grandmother, Beatrice Pelton Merritrt, attended the little country Methodist Church with her at Pleasant Valley.
PAUL JACK BROWN-Paul Jackson Brown is another Garland Owl with Pleasant Valley ties. His parents were Thomas Colvin and Priscilla McClain Brown. Tom C. Brown was well know for his large two story house in Garland. His mother, Priscilla McClain, was the daughter of Thomas Jackson McClain who was the first postmaster at Pleasant Valley. There is an old oil painting of the Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church sitting next to the Methodist Church which was painted from Tom C. Brown’s hay loft located across the road at Merritt and Pleasant Valley Road. The Presbyterian building is long gone. Jack McClain donated the painting to the Methodist.

Standing, L to R:
COACH A. W. WELLS-Not known
J. B. PACE- James Blair Pace, Jr. was a descendant of another Pioneer era Garland family. His parents were J. B. And Nora Virginia Pace. His uncle, William Edward Pace, was killed at age twelve while standing on the sidelines watching a baseball game in which the batter threw a bat, which struck him in the head The Pace family home is now part of a Garland preservation project.
OGLE BANE- No Knowledge
HOWARD SHUGART- The Shugart’s are another early day family with ties to the Pleasant Valley, Garland and Rowlett area. R. A. Shugart operated one of the first meat markets in downtown Rowlett. Before my grandparents, Oscar and Beatrice Merritt, were married, Oscar would date Violet Shugart, which would make my grandmother very unhappy. My grandmother, Beatrice was an excellent piano player and when Oscar came over, she would get on the piano and play “You Gota See Mama Every Night, Or You Can’t See Mama At All.”
BUCK ALEXANDER- The Alexander family was a downtown Garland fixture for many years. One of the most well known businesses in Garland was the George Alexander Insurance Company. The Alexander family was instrumental in the upbuilding of Garland.
CHARLES LYELS- Charles E. Lyles was descended from another well known pioneer family. He grandfather, R. H. Lyles married Nancy H. Raney. Nancy was the aunt of my Uncle Harmon Raney which was named after his grandfather Harmon Newman. The Newmans arrived at Pleasant Valley in 1856.
GEORGE FISHER-J. W. (Bud) FISHER- It took me a while to make the connection on this one. Thanks to his daughter, Marilyn Fisher, we know that Bud Fisher married Opal Price, daughter of Hub and Minnie Lee Forster. Bud’s parents were from the Rowlett area.  Minnie Lee was the sister of my grandfather, James Albert Forster (Foster).
BILL NICHOLS- William L. “Bill” Nichols was large enough that he stood out in any Garland Owls photo. I will never forget the first time, as a small child, we went to visit Bill and Letha Bel Wood Nichols. Letha Bel grew in the Liberty Grove area which is now part of Rowlett. Letha Bel had introduced my Uncle Carl Foster to his future wife while attending a play at the old Liberty Grove Schoolhouse. The schoolhouse is no longer there.
MARCHALL HARRIS- Assistant coach. No knowledge.

Garland Owls football team photo is available on internet and original source is not known.  Information about the Garland Owls history if from my personal notes and recollections.