J. K. & MOLLIE HERRING SACHSE, 1910 Sachse Residence at…

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Sachse Residence at Dewitt Road & Second Street

J. K. Sachse was the son of the founder of Sachse. His parents were William D. Sachse and Martha Frost.

William D. Sachse was born in Prussia on December 16, 1820. Martha Frost was born in Mississippi on September 14, 1833. An article in the 1912 issue of the Garland News reads, in part, “Martha Ann Frost, also lives at Sachse. Though she is old and the weight of years hang heavily upon her shoulders, her mind is still full of the scenes incident to the settling of the country and the vicissitudes of her ‘man’ – as she fondly called him- in his struggle to win name and fortune, both of which he accomplished”.

William and Martha had ten children. They were namely Daniel Boone who married Lillie D. Cherry; John William; Arizona Emily who married J. S. Billingsley; Benjamin William; Missouri Ann who married W. W. Ingram; Dewitt Clinton who married Susan Herring; Jasper N. who married Birdiella Estes; Alabama who married Albert Brand; Frances Marion who married Nora Meek, and J. K. Sachse.

J. K. “Jake” Sachse was their fifth born child. He was born at Sachse during 1869 and married Lucinda C. (unknown last name) around 1889. Their son, William P. Sachse, was born April 28, 1890. Lucinda died two days later and young William died on August 1, 1890. Both Lucinda and William were buried in the pioneer cemetery at Pleasant Valley.

J. K. then married Mary Elizabeth “Mollie” Herring on December 31, 1893. Elizabeth was the granddaughter of Daniel Herring, a well known pioneer settler. J. K. and Mollie never had children, but they raised Iona Herring (Mollie’s youngest sister). J. K. Sachse was a director of the State National Bank in Garland. Both he and Mollie were members of the Christian Church. J. K. Sachse died May 12, 1937 and Mollie Herring died February 14, 1963. Both are buried at Sachse Cemetery.

Photo: J. K. and Mollie Herring Sachse in the back of their 1910 right hand drive Maxwell. Iona Herring is in driver’s seat.

Courtesy Sachse Remembered, 1840-1940 by Mary Allene Jones.