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Ella Fields was born in Missouri during 1873 and came to Liberty Grove at the age of seven. She married Pat Crabtree who was born sometime during 1879. Pat died at Liberty Grove in 1908. He was only twenty-eight years old.

Ella Fields Crabtree

Ella Fields Crabtree

This left Ella with three small children to raise. George Washington Foster then built a house for Ella and her children. The house set half way between Elm Grove Road and Stonewall Road, just off present day Vinson Road (south of Wylie).

Children of Ella Fields and Pat Crabtree were Medie, Audie, and Claudie Crabtree.

Audie Crabtree was born at Elm Grove around 1906. Claudie Crabtree was born July 8, 1904 at Elm Grove, Dallas County, Texas and married Mozelle Anderhub of nearby Cottonwood. Mozelle was the daughter of Panola Mary Housewright and Charley Anderhub. Charley was an organ maker from Vienna, Austria.

Medie lived at Liberty Grove until 1920 when she and her mother moved into nearby Wylie. Audie and Claudie soon joined their mother and sister at Wylie where they worked for the railroad. Ella Fields Crabtree died at Wylie, Texas during February of 1931. An article in the Wylie Herald stated that Gene Malone and wife of Garland were among those attending the funeral. Pallbearers were Pike Ross, Joe Ross, Paul Anderhub, Charles Hillis, R. H. Williams and Everett Loughlin.

In 1934, Medie married Willie Corbitt, the son of Rose Brennan and Thomas Corbitt. Medie held fond memories of cooking on an ole wood stove and burning kerosene lamps. She used to say, “Those were the good ole days.”

Courtesy The Bois d’arc of Nacogdoches by Jim Foster