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Complete harmony reigned in the home of Alverga Clarence “Kid” Moore and his wife, the former Effie Willis. Theirs was a home where Christ came first and family next. Friends were always welcome at 101 South Second and later at 311 South Fourth Street in Wylie, Texas.

A.C. Moore was born in Wylie October 1, 1885 at the locale of Ruby Eldridge’s Mockingbird Hill on Brown Street. He was one of six children born to John Thomas and Martha Ann Latta Moore, who had come here from Judsonia, Arkansas in 1883. Since A.C. was the baby of the family, his brothers began calling him “Kid,” a name which stuck throughout his lifetime.

A. C. & Daughter, Effie Moore Anderhub

A. C. & Daughter Effie Moore Anderhub

School years were spent at Lone Elm for Kid. Weather made no difference, for walking to school was necessary. Kid would later attend Wylie schools, and that is where he met Effie. She was the daughter of postmaster Daniel E. “Ed” Willis and his wife, the former Emily Virginia Wilkinson. Effie had been born in Plano February 11, 1887 and was one of eight children.

Effie would not let Kid tell of their courtship days, but after
viewing the wedding pictures, no one could doubt that this lovely couple were completely happy. The wedding took place July 7, 1909 on the front porch of Effie’s parents, 101 South Second Street. This marriage lasted almost 66 years until death took them both the same year. Effie died April 19, 1976, and Kid passed away December 20, 1976. Both are interred in the Wylie Cemetery.

Mr. and Mrs. Moore were blessed with five children. They were:

Effie spent her time being a housewife and a mother. They lived with her parents most of the time. Both were active in the Methodist Church.

Kid was a barber and a good one, too! He completed his course with Molar’s Barber College in Dallas in 1902 and began working here with his uncle, Mike Latta, at the present location of Allen’s Funeral Home. He would continue barbering for nearly 48 years, most of the time at the same location except the years 1917 through 1928 which this family lived in Forney. Many a Wylieite commented, “Kid Moore gave me my first haircut.”

After he retired from barbering in 1949, Kid became the first custodian at the new T.F. Birmingham High School, now no longer in existence. In 1955 he was hired as custodian at the new North Texas Municipal Water District offices in a rented building “to get the new business off the ground.”

“I was hired as janitor, but 1 spent more time around the cook shack because the people enjoyed cake and coffee,” the Kid once commented.

Kid walked everywhere, often to our home. He occasionally would accept a ride from a man but never from a woman, for he believed women should not drive. Effie never did!