Dreyfuss & Son Co: Gerard Dreyfuss (1853-1934) was born at Lorraine, France, in 1853. He came to America in 1869 and in 1879 moved to Dallas from Shreveport, where he opened, with a friend, Hurst & Dreyfuss, which merged with E. M. Kahn & Co. in the early 1880s. (Mr. Kahn and Mr. Dreyfuss were each married to Hurst sisters.) Gerard Dreyfuss married Julia Hurst on October 23, 1884, in Dallas and they had two children, a daughter, Hortense, who later became Mrs. Lawrence S. Pollock, Sr., and a son, Sol, who was born in their residence on Jackson Street on April 12, 1885. E. M. Kahn and then went to work at Sanger’s until 1910, when Dreyfuss & Son was formed. It was rumored that this break between the Dreyfuss family and the Kahn store was precipitated by friction between sons Laurence Kahn and Sol Dreyfuss.In 1911 Gerard and Sol opened a men’s store, Dreyfuss & Son, at Main and Murphy streets. Gerard had owned a one-third interest in E. M. Kahn & Co. which he sold, using the proceeds to capitalize his store for $60,000.

As with the other early merchants, personal service was a must, and all customers were greeted by name.Dreyfuss & Son became known as a very fine store and carried only top-quality clothes. In 1928 Dreyfuss & Son was sold to Woolf Bros., headquartered in Kansas City, and Gerard retired, but Sol continued to maintain an office in the store and greet friends and customers with “Hi, pardner”-it seemed he knew everyone.” In its heyday, Dreyfuss & Son was a fashion-setting retailer operating from a beautiful stone-decorated six-story art deco building, which opened in 1930 at Main and Ervay. An innovation at the store was the “Kiddie Barbershop” in the boys’ department, outfitted with Flying Jenny ponies to sit upon. A women’s department was added in the 1940s. A Northpark branch of the store opened in 1965, and another branch opened at Six Flags Mall in 1970. The name Dreyfuss & Son was retained until 173. When the building was demolished in 1982, its four historic, five foot, carved stone urns and its roof ornaments were salvaged by the Historic Preservation League of Dallas and can now be found at the Arboretum on Garland Road.

Courtesy They Came To Stay by Rose G. Biderman.

Dreyfuss Residence 2831 S. Ervay St. Dallas TX