DANIEL J. ANDERSON, Rockwall Co. Ranch

Daniel “Dan” James Anderson married Julia Ann Raines in 1883.  They were soon at home on the family ranch in eastern Rockwall County.  Dan’s father, David Jefferson Anderson, had owned the property prior to the Civil War.

Dan & Julia Williams Anderson family

Dan & Julia Williams Anderson family

Dan was the son of David and Elizabeth Burroughs Williams Anderson.  Julia was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Raines.  Dan and Julia’s ranch was located next to the famous Houston Ranch and they purchased additional land from this well known ranch.  They devoted themselves to the operation of the ranch and their herds of cattle and horses, the fore­runners of today’s quarter horse breed. The Anderson horse brand was “66,” located between the stifle and the hock on the left hind leg, and the cattle brand, a “D,” was marked behind the left shoulder of the animal. The Andersons often marketed the cattle in Kansas City, and Dan himself rode on the cattle trains in order to conduct the sale of the stock in Kan­sas City.

About 1896, the Dan Anderson family moved to the town of Rockwall so that their children would be offered better educational oppor­tunities. He was elected sheriff and tax collec­tor of Rockwall County in 1898 and served those offices for two terms.

Daniel continued to expand his ranching operations, served as president of the Guaranty State Bank in Rockwall, and was an active participant in local civic affairs.  Both he and his wife were faithful members of the First Baptist Church of Rockwall.  The church had been founded in the home of his grandfather, J. C. Williams. He was also a member of the   Rockwall Masonic Lodge No. 157, and Mrs. Anderson was a member of the Rockwall Chapter of the Eastern Star.

The Andersons cherished friends, church, and community, and they remained loyal and active contributors to many worthy causes throughout their lives. Daniel James Anderson died at the age of 72 on January 11, 1930, and his wife, Julia Ann, age 66, followed eleven days later.

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