Charles Francis Benjamin Ely Witt White Stratton was born 18 September 1861 in Breckenridge, Texas (now Richardson). He was the sixth child of James Davidson and Mary Ann E. (Butler) Stratton (The family has always laughed about “Papa’s” name. We said he must have been named for everyone in Breckridge!  He disliked the extended name to the point that few people knew it. I hope he will forgive me for putting it into print!

Charles F. Stratton

Charles F. Stratton

Having been born in old Breckenridge (now Richardson), he had many interesting tales about the area. One was about the old stage line which ran through this settlement where Tom Franks ran a store. The post office was a nail keg into which letters were dumped. “Whether you got a letter depended on whether you got there first,” he would chuckle. “Didn’t matter whether ’twas yours or not. A fellow’d see a letter, take it out and read it, and, if it was anythin’ important, he’d tell you about it.”

“Charlie” grew up working with his father and brother in the gin, became an engineer running the old threshers and repairing them. He was also a superb cabinet maker and carpenter.
Charles Francis Stratton married Willie Maud Eugenia Christian 27 September 1880 in Richardson. Maud was born in Shelby County, Missouri 8 December 1861, the daughter of William Statler Blackman Christian and Marie Antoinette Karen Happoch Strachan. To this union were born five children.

• Gracie Stratton, born 11 June 1882, died 13
March 1889 at Renner, Dallas County, Texas, buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Dallas, Texas, next to her grandparents, J. D. and Mary Ann Stratton.
• Antoinette Rose “Nettie”  was born 7 February 1888, Renner Texas, married Thomas Goodloe Dorsett 30 September 1908 in Midlothian, Ellis County, Texas, died 25 August 1966, buried Restland Cemetery in Dallas. Their children are:

.Charles Jefferson Dorsett, born 1910, Midlothian, died 1913 at age 21/2, buried Midlothian.
• Gilbert Goodloe Dorsett, born 19 October 1914, married Bernice Jennette Hawkins 8 May 1935 Dallas; died August 1976, buried Laurel Land Cemetery in Dallas. They had three children.
• Maudelle Grace Dorsett, born 14 April 1918, married William Harmon Vaughn 1 June 1939 in Dallas, died 7 October 1940 Hobbs, New Mexico, buried Restland Cemetery in Dallas TX.

• James Webb Stratton, born 12 September 1893
Richardson, married Mary Opal Lane, died 27 January 1977 Dallas, buried Restland Cemetery.

• Kenneth Charles Stratton, born 5 October 1895
Richardson, married Essie Pearl Bradley in Big Springs, Texas, died 18 May 1967 Dallas, buried Restland Cemetery, one daughter Emily Eugenia “Gee-Gee” Stratton, born 27 October 1927, died 1 March 1930, buried with parents at Restland Cemetery.
• William Statler Stratton, born 30 or 31 August
1898 Richardson, married Vera Frances Huffhines 5 November 1919 Richardson, died 16 January 1975 Dallas, buried Restland Cemetery.

Maud Eugenia Stratton passed away very suddenly 7 July 1926 at her home in Richardson. She was the first female from the Richardson area to be buried in Restland Cemetery.

By Frances F. Stratton for Dallas County Pioneer‘s Proud Heritage, Vol. II.
Photo: Charles Francis Stratton died at the home of his daughter, Nettie, in Oak Cliff 13 May 1939, and is buried at Restland Cemetery in Dallas.