Dr. R. H. LASATER, Lawson Community

1 December 2018

The store in Lawson community was named for early settler, Sam Haught, was affectionately called “Slapfoot” by local residents. This community was officially named Lawson when a post office was established. Henry W. Lawson, born 1862 in Alabama, purchased the Haught’s Store in 1897, and became postmaster of this community a few years later upon […]


14 May 2018

Mark Robertson (1811-1879) was born in Dixon County, Tennes­see, the son of James Robertson, grandson of Charles Robertson, and nephew of James. Charles Robertson and his brother, James, were among the earliest set­tlers in Tennessee. He was also a cousin of Sterling Robertson, who founded Robertson’s Colony in Texas. The family soon moved to Illinois, […]

ROBERT V. ADKINS, Seagoville Confectionery

23 April 2018

Robert Van Adkins was born in Frog Pond, Texas in 1861 and died in 1941 at the age of eighty. Frog Pond was a settlement close to the Lawson Community, a few miles south of Mesquite. Once a week Grand-daddy would go over to Haught’s Grocery Store at Lawson to shop and get his mail. […]


23 February 2018

In 1940, the United States government constructed a female correctional facility in Seagoville, Texas, a small town of 700 located approximately twenty miles southeast of Dallas. In April 1942, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) appropriated the site and operated an internment camp for “enemy aliens.” Many internees, though not all, were Japanese and Germans […]


6 February 2018

Dr. Oscar Glenn’s office was located in the busiest part of downtown Seagoville, Texas in the 1920s and thirties. He was known by just about everyone around as the “Whistling Doctor” because he drove a team of horses and buggy at breakneck speed, whistling all the way. The East Fork of the Trinity River acts […]