TRINITY RIVER, Texas’ Longest

23 May 2018

The Trinity River is Texas’ longest river entirely in Texas. It is not with three branches as the name Trinity implies, but with four – Clear, West, Elm and East Forks. Lost members of Hernando de Soto’s expedition wandered across it in the 1500s; French traders camped on its banks in the 1700s; Indian hunters […]

COL. NED GREEN OWNS Dallas’ First Automobile

22 May 2018

The first automobile to arrive in Dallas belonged to Edward Howland Robinson Green who, driven by a factory engineer sent with the car, rode in from Terrell October 5, 1899, making the thirty-five mile trip in five hours, which included time out to repair damages done when a wagon forced the car off the road […]


22 May 2018

Alfred King Lucas (1848-1905) was born in Tennessee in 1848.  He was the son of Thomas L. and Narcissa (Wommack) Lucas, who came to Dallas County in 1853 and bought land for $1.50 per acre at the present Maple and Cedar Springs streets. At age 17, King enlisted in Colonel Warren Stone’s Confederate 6th Texas […]


21 May 2018

Pierre du Pont, the grandson of Eleuthère Irénée du Pont, founder of E. I. du Pont de Nemours Powder Company, was a young man of thirty seeking new investment fields for the family fortune when he spotted the opportunity that Dallas streetcar properties afforded. After a trip to Dallas in 1901, Pierre wrote: The whole […]


20 May 2018

Francis “Frank” Sayre was born in Utica, New York on March 3, 1828. At age four-teen he went to New York City and entered a seven-year apprenticeship in pharmacy. In 1849 he came to Texas as a pharmacist but returned to New York and worked for several physicians until he started his own business. In […]

BOIS D’ARC BLOCKS Battle Dallas Mud

19 May 2018

BOIS D’ARC TREES, apparently a universal favorite among the first settlers in the Dallas area, had everything to commend them except their fruit. Also known as Osage oranges and horse apples, these inedible pack­ages of seed about the size of a Texas grapefruit were of little use to man or beast and reflected no credit […]


18 May 2018

ON TUESDAY, May 11, 1921, the Dallas Federal Reserve, then less than seven years old and hitherto untried in such circumstances, came to the rescue of a Dallas commercial bank in a spectacular and con­clusive way, for it was on this day that the Security National Bank, one of the larger financial institutions in the […]


17 May 2018

The present Dallas Country Club is the fourth clubhouse of the Dallas Country Club. When it was of­ficially opened in November, 1957, the Dallas Country Club officials published a brochure giving the history of the country club written by the late J. T. Trezevant. Inas­much as this brochure was distributed only to members of the […]

COL. C. C. SLAUGHTER, Baptist Philanthropist

17 May 2018

The Colonel Christopher Columbus Slaughter’s two concerns in life were his business and his church. He was an ardent Baptist and gave much of his wealth to Baptist philanthropies. His one deliberate flouting of the church’s rule was cards. He loved his game of whist and in char­acteristic independence had it to the end of […]

COL. C. C. SLAUGHTER, Cattle Baron

16 May 2018

From the time of the first settlers in the Three Forks Country, cattle raising was a major occupation in the region, though no individuals practiced it in the expansive fashion of the later great ranchers of West Texas.  In 1874, however, one of the greatest cattle barons in the history of Texas, Colonel C. C. […]


16 May 2018

Back in 1918 the army’s advanced flying school at Love Field with its complement of 240 officers played a big part in Dallas’s celebration of the November 11 armistice ending World War I. Among those sharply recalling a spectacular air show staged at that time at Love Field was Thomas D. Shiels, a consulting engineer […]

CAPTAIN W. H. GASTON, Old East Dallas

15 May 2018

AMONG THE KEY FIGURES in the evolution of Dallas from a frontier hamlet into a modern city must be rated Capt. William H. Gaston, pioneer banker, “discoverer” of East Dallas, and a potent factor in the establishment of the State Fair of Texas. When he died in 1927 In his eighty-seventh year, he was one […]


15 May 2018

The water situation continued to plague Dallas. In 1888 it was considered solved, however, when the Turtle Creek pump sta­tion (on the site of Dal-Hi Stadium) was built to handle a consump­tion of 10 million gallons (raw water) per day. Cement sidewalks, and some brick, were laid downtown the same year, to cure another water […]

DALLAS TX, Early Convention City

13 May 2018

THE REPUTATION of Dallas as a convention city was born in 1886 when the Texas Veterans Association, the “mere remnant” then left of Texas’s revolutionary heroes, accepted Dallas’s invitation to hold their annual reunion here. The convention spanned April 20-21, and with the help of Dallas citizens it became the main celebration of the semicentennial […]


11 May 2018

Decades ago the railroads and the fledgling airlines of the nation were teaming together to give Dallas and other urban centers the benefits of the fast travel made possible by the emerging air age. The passenger business of the rail carriers was flourishing, with Americans able to boast of the largest and finest fleet of […]


10 May 2018

The turbulent 1860s were drawing to a close. Natural disasters and plague, in the last half of the 1860s, brought additional loss and suffering to the people of Dallas. There were floods. In May of 1866, the Trinity River overflowed its banks. Water was 56 1/2 feet deep. The tiny town of Dallas became an […]


10 May 2018

The senior Louis Reichenstein was born in Baden-Baden, Germany.  He arrived in America prior to the Civil War and fought in the New York Infantry. After the war, he moved to Texas where he met Genoa Elizabeth Nabors. They were married March 19, 1874 in Denison, Grayson County, TX. Louis was a very successful businessman […]


10 May 2018

Through the years, Dallas has always honored entrepreneurship above other values. Making money has been the primary game, and the man who pulled himself up by his own bootstraps was held in great esteem. Men have been the players .  And yet, it was a woman who played the game first, by all the rules […]


9 May 2018

DALLAS WAS PACKED with plenty of excitement for a small boy who arrived here with his  parents in 1893, according to Leven T. Deputy, retired Dallas News mechanical department head. He had been born five years before on a Cooke County farm near Gainesville.  “One of my sharpest and most lasting impressions,” Deputy re­called, is […]


9 May 2018

Most World’s Fairs consider it a triumph to be able to unveil some earth shaking new invention.  The Centennial Exposition at Philadelphia in 1876 gloried in showing of the newly invented telephone.  Within five years Dallas became the first city in Texas to have a telephone system in operation, beginning on June 1, 1881, with […]