Pleasant Valley

PAUL MACK BRAWLEY Meets Tragic Death

24 April 2018

Paul Mack Brawley was the first of five children born to Sarah Cornelia “Sally” McCallum and Hazelton Sidney “Scott” Brawley. Paul’s parents were both native of Chester County, South Carolina. The father being born April 30, 1864 and the mother being born in January of 1865, The children, of Scott and Sally Brawley were: 1. […]


2 April 2018

Martha Jane Hamilton was born at Clarksville, Texas on October 19, 1844. She was the daughter of Thomas S. and Elizabeth Jane Ballard Hamilton. Her grandfather, Colonel Robert S. Hamilton was born in 1783 and immigrated to the United States from Scotland in 1807. He settled at Granville County, North Carolina, but later moved to […]


22 February 2018

Oscar “Runt” Merritt was born to Robert N. Jr. and Udorah Flowers Merritt at Rowlett, Texas on August 29, 1902. Robert N. Merritt, Jr. was born in York County, South Carolina on May 18, 1864 and Udorah Flowers was born in Tennessee on August 8, 1866. Oscar was the sixth of eight children and an […]

CLIFTON M. RANEY, Radio Ranger

21 February 2018

My dad’s brother, Thomas, “Uncle Tom” Raney was born at Pleasant Valley (NE Dallas County) around 1883. He married Stella Mae Cunningham of Wylie and they had two sons. Harmon Eugene “Gene” was born in 1912 and Clifton M. “Max” Raney was born in 1914. Pleasant Valley used to have two churches and an ole […]


25 January 2018

SHOOT OUT AT PLEASANT VALLEY CHURCH June, 1897- An unusually large congregation assembled at the Pleasant Valley church, five miles east of Garland, yesterday forenoon to hear the Rev. Dr. Patterson, of Ellis county, preach.  The preliminary service of song and prayer was over, and the preacher was about to announce his text, and the […]