CHARLIE SPONG, Duck Creek Pioneer

5 June 2018

Charles,(Charlie) Spong was born on February 3, 1863 in a log cabin with a side room, at Duck Creek, near Garland. His father was in Hoods Regiment during the Civil War. He was the 4th and youngest child at this time.When the Northern General Sutton and soldiers came, they took horses, cattle, food and left […]

STERLING REX BARNES, Toll Bridge Founder

13 May 2018

Sterling Rex Barnes was born in Virginia on January 29, 1799.  He was the sixth of eight children born to Henry and Rhoda Eastus Barnes. He moved to Alabama as a young man, and on December 8, 1825, he married Martha Ann Mitchell, who was born December 20, 1809. In 1837, they moved with their […]

WILLIAM JAMES, Interurban Funeral Car

24 April 2018

The special Scottish Rite interurban car, which will take Dallas Masons to Cleburne today to attend the funeral services of the late William James, (1862-1923) of Dallas, formerly of Fort Worth, will leave the Dallas Interurban Station at 10:30 o’clock this morning. It will reach Cleburne in time for lunch before the convening of the […]


16 April 2018

On November 24, 1858, George Mellersh married Elizabeth D. James, a sister of Thomas James, Jr., coal merchant, in Memphis. George decided after the War Between the States, to come to Texas with his wife and several of their small children, three others having died in Memphis and one in Newcastle, Pennsylvania. They arrived in […]


12 April 2018

John Mathis and George Dice lived near Frankfort, Germany. Mathis married Catherine Harper. They had 12 children. Christine, Jacob, Phillip, John, George, Barbara, Phoebe, Mary, Catherine, Elizabeth, Mathis, and William. Jacob Dice was born 1770 and married Elizabeth, born 1774. Their nine children were: Henry K., John, Solomon, William, Phoebe, Mary, Mathis, Jacob, and Silas. […]


11 April 2018

Church services in the old Liberty community were held at the “Union Church” during the early pioneer days of Rowlett. This church building was located near present day Raney and Yeager Roads on land that is now part of the Waterford Housing Development. The so called union churches were common during the early pioneer era […]

TEXAS THEATRE, Oak Cliff-1932

10 April 2018

Television was still in its infancy in 1932, so neighborhood theaters like the Texas Theatre on Jefferson Street in Oak Cliff, which opened in 1931, were commonplace. It was the first theater in Dallas to feature air conditioning and being built later than most of the movie houses of the 1920s boom, had the latest […]


9 April 2018

Dallasites can lay claim to some of the most amazing history Texas has to offer.  Electra Waggoner Biggs and her fashionable home located at 4700 Preston Road is certainly no exception. Electra Waggoner was born at Ft. Worth, Texas on November 8, 1912 and promptly named after her late Aunt Electra Waggoner.  The young Electra […]


8 April 2018

W. R. Cole was an early and influential Dallas resident. Born in Spencer, Lucas County, Ohio, 25 September 1837, he was the second of seven children born to Aaron Hazen Cole, a Baptist minister and farmer, who had settled in Ohio in 1835, and Lydia (Rappleye) Cole. W.R. Cole received his education in the typical […]


7 April 2018

After 1914 Dallas and the rest of the nation kept its eyes on Europe where The Great War was burning away not just cities but whole social structures.  The U. S., in 1916, was not in the war-but a lot of people were hoping.  The preparedness Day parade in Dallas that year drew 20,000 participants […]


6 April 2018

Vivian Anderson Castleberry received the Bill Melton Humanitarian Award from the Oak Cliff Lions Club one year ago this month.  It was an honor to be present during this special award presentation on April 19, 2017. Vivian has authored several books including, Sarah The Bridge Builder and Daughters of Dallas.  She was a native Texan, […]

CEMENT CITY Follows Emile Remond’s Discovery

5 April 2018

Émile Remond arrived from France in 1856 along with other French, German and Swiss immigrants.  Their goal was to form a new Utopian colony which would be free of political strife.  The colony,  about three miles west of Dallas County, Texas courthouse was known as La Reunion Colony.  La Reunion disbanded in 1857 and Emile […]

GEORGE HUFFHINES Family Breckinridge Tex.

5 April 2018

George and Mary C. Wilson Huffhines, both natives of Simpson County, Kentucky, came to Dallas County in 1853 with other members of the Huffhines family. They settled west of a spot which later became Breckinridge. George, born 21 March 1826, was the third of fourteen children born to John and Elizabeth Wright Huffhines. Mary C. […]


5 April 2018

BLOODSHED AT ROWLETT: A sanguinary battle between two farmers residing in the vicinity of Rowlett, this county, took place last evening, and the meager particulars reached this city today. The parties to the tragedy are Benjamin Page and Michael Coyle, two well known farmers, married men with families. They got into a dispute over the […]


3 April 2018

Many early Rowlett area families attended this school and are in this photo.  This school was located near the Collin, Rockwall & Dallas County line.  It was officially known as the Collins School, but more commonly known referred to as Skeeter Flats.  The school was located near the Alfred Collins farm. It was closed sometime […]

THOMAS K FLOWERS Deer Farm, Garland

2 April 2018

Thomas K. Flowers was born in Wilson County, Tennessee, December 25, 1840. He was one of the pioneers of Dallas County, Texas, arriving in the Rowlett area during the 1870’s. His father, Joseph Flowers, also a native of Tennessee, was born in Rutherford County. Joseph drowned on July 4, 1848, at the age of thirty-seven […]

OLD TIGE, Dallas’s First Fire Engine

1 April 2018

In all parts of the world from the most ancient times, fire and plague have been two of the most dreaded enemies of those who live in cities.  In ancient times when cities were only crowds of flimsy huts and ramshackle buildings with irregular twisting streets, both fire and plague played sad havoc when they […]

GEORGE J. GOULD Visits Dallas, 1909

30 March 2018

Henry Clogenson, the well known pioneer photographer on Elm Street captured railroad magnet George J. Gould at far left with his two sons next to him. “The distance from Dallas to the Stump was eighteen miles. By the time this much of the road was completed, the company owed the full amount of the city […]


29 March 2018

In his History of Dallas County, John Henry Brown states: “Armstrong, James, and family came in 1846; his daughter, Frances E., came, the wife of John Bursey, and is now a widow; Martha married Robert Cook, and is a widow; Nancy J. married first William A. Knight, second W. Marion Moon; Mary J. married Alexander […]


28 March 2018

William Johnson Winniford left Dallas County on March 12, 1850. He was on his way to high adventure and fortune in the gold fields of California. He was twenty years old, unmarried and unattached. He traveled with his two brothers, Norvell and David, and several other friends from Lancaster in Dallas County and from the […]