La Reunion

PIERRE DUSSEAU, Considerant’s Gardener

26 April 2018

Thanks to Frances James for all of her hard work. She made it possible for the grave of Pierre Dusseau to be properly marked with a bronze Texas Historical Commission plaque. His grave is located at the Old Pioneer Cemetery in downtown Dallas. His original headstone disappeared many years ago. The following historical information is […]

LA REUNION, North Texas’ Second Colony

5 April 2018

After his return and in concluding his details of their journey to the area originally known as Three Forks, but now called the village of Dallas, Victor Considerant wrote, “I have seen the light of the Burning Bush, and in the last days of that journey, my mind was opened to a study, henceforth blended […]


16 March 2018

Henry Boll, Sr., was born November 14, 1830 in the Canton of Aaragu, Switzerland, was one of five children born to Henri Boll and Magdelena Peier (also spelled Perzer in some records). After completing his formal education, he moved to the Zurich area, where he apprenticed in a meat processing plant. Henry married a young […]

ERNEST PRIOT, Sad Ending to Enduring Frendship

16 March 2018

Every time I walk past the china cabinet and look at that inkwell, I am reminded of the story Eloise Santerre told me back in 2005 about its history.  Eloise said, “Since we are talking about La Reunion, I would like to tell you the story about this inkwell as she pointed to one of […]


3 March 2018

 Francois Santerre was born near Blois, France, on march 16, 1809. He was an only child and a descendant of an old french family. He was of a scholarly nature and was educated as were most of the well-to-do young men in those days. He was attracted by the knowledge contained in the many French […]


27 January 2018

Eloise (1915-2014) is the baby in this 1915 photo being held by her mother, Adele Elise Hueville Santerre. Eloise’s grandparents were members of La Reunion Colony. Eloise related many stories to me about the trip her ancestors made on the journey from Galveston to La Reunion Colony at Dallas. She also mentioned that the families […]

EMILE REMOND, 1840-1906 Rose Cottage Professor

21 January 2018

EMILE REMOND, 1840-1906 Rose Cottage Professor Remond was born August 2, 1840 in the Province of La Nievre at Thionges, France. He arrived in Dallas County as a member of La Reunion. Even though he was not required to serve in the Civil War, he volunteered his service. After the war, he again took up […]