General Assorted History

FERDINAND MICHEL Opens Lime Operation

1 February 2019

Can’t prove the history of this early lime company, but I’m going to give you my theory and it starts with Ferdinand Michel, a member of La Reunion.  I’m going to give you my theory and you can let me what you think.  We can start off with the location which was Lancaster Ave. at […]

LARGENT PARKS Recalls Chalk Hill

3 October 2018

My name is Largent Parks, maybe we’d better say Largent Parks, Senior, since there is now a Junior, and also a Third. I was born in 1907 at 4321 Swiss Avenue, which is the block between Peak and Carroll. My father had just built a large frame, two-story house with great rambling porches all around […]

UNION STATION Occupies Sala Homeplace

2 October 2018

“I have called Dallas my home since 1870,” said B. F. Sala, 2502 Parnell street. “My father, who was in the theater business, left Galveston in 1869 and followed the terminus of the Houston & Texas Central Railroad from place to place until it reached Corsicana, and on the way, built opera houses at Navasota, […]

JOHN BEEMAN, Bird’s Fort Defender

1 October 2018

In the fall of 1841 the families of Hamp Rattan and Capt. Mabel Gilbert, with a few other men, reached Bird’s Fort (near present day Arlington), and a little later the family of John Beeman. Late in November, 1841, a wagon left Bird’s Fort and was sent back to Red river for provisions. It stayed […]

J. H. CULLOM Recalls Early Forney

5 September 2018

“I have lived in Dallas County fifty-two years,” said John H. Cullom, County Tax Collector. “My father, the late Peter Cullom, known as Uncle Peter, who lived at Nashville, Tenn., brought me, as a small boy, along with the rest of the family to Texas in 1877. My mother’s brother, Henry Hollis, had [preceded] us […]

FISHBURN, Ross Avenue Location

13 July 2018

Frank B. Slater founded company with a new building on Ross Avenue in Dallas in 1907. Within three years, he bought out the W. B. Fishburn Cleaning Company in Fort Worth. In 1913, a new plant was erected on Ross Avenue, complete with stables and hayloft. These were necessary for the horse drawn vehicles. The […]

CALLOWAY PATRICK, Community Founder

26 June 2018

The roots of the Patrick Community in southeastern Dallas County reach back to Ireland. Isaac Patrick and his wife came from Ireland and parented John Patrick. John married Elizabeth Calloway and had a son named Alexander, November 14, 1794, in Virginia. Alexander moved to Madison County, Kentucky, and married Catherine White in 1818. From their […]

COL. J. W. FORNEY, Became City’s Namesake

8 June 2018

ACROSS THE KAUFMAN COUNTY line from Dallas, the city of Forney per­petuates the name of a onetime Pennsylvania newspaper editor and politician. He was a prime factor almost a century ago in altering the destiny of Dallas and other North Texas communities by the construc­tion of pioneer railroads to serve them. This now largely forgotten […]


9 May 2018

CHARLES A. FLOYD was a prominent farmer and stock raiser at Hutchins in southern Dallas County, Texas.  He has been identified with the best interests of this county since 1848. Mr. Floyd is a native of Illinois.  He was born in Greene County on June 28, 1840.  his parents were George and Nancy Finley Floyd. […]


6 May 2018

J. K. Jake Sachse (1869 – 1937) was the fifth son of the legendary William and Martha Frost Sachse. Primarily a farmer and rancher, his land reached from Highway 544 on the north to Highway 78 on the south. During his lifetime, he owned most of the City of Sachse north of the Santa Fe […]

Dallas’ GAY NINETIES, Brought 300 Saloons

5 May 2018

The GAY NINETIES. The name was given the decade after it was over . . . but for Dallas the opening years, at least, lived up to the name. In fact, for the first and only time, Dallas, with 38,067 citi­zens, was the largest city in Texas, edging out San Antonio, and put­ting Houston at […]

GEORGE C. MANNER Promoted Saengerfest

4 May 2018

DALLAS, like other areas in the state, owes much to its German-Ameri­can pioneers for an appreciation of good music. The German-Texas Saengerbund, or Singers League, created in New Braunfels before the Civil War, held its notable twenty-fifth Saengerfest in Dallas in April, 1904. It was to prove both the climax of the musical life of […]


3 May 2018

Alexander Harwood, born in Franklin, Tennessee in 1820, came to Dallas County twenty-four years later and lived until July 31, 1885. He died on the same day that General Grant ended his long bout with cancer, an event that crowded almost all other news off the pages of the local press, including the demise of […]

BOTH BRYAN,- COCKRELL Lived Among Cherokees

3 May 2018

As BRYAN began to drink heavily in the early 185o’s, and his capacity for civic leadership waned, a new personality rose in the community — Alexander Cockrell, Dallas’ first capitalist. Cockrell made himself so strongly felt and his initiative, before his untimely end, so foreshadowed the spirit of the later builders of the town that […]


27 April 2018

LOOKING BACK A CENTURY, it is possible to see now that the year 1872 was the takeoff point for Dallas, from which it left John Neely Bryan’s frontier hamlet behind and began the dizzying ascent to the status of today’s metropolis. It was a time of marked revolutionary advances for Dallas in the means of […]


21 April 2018

In 1906 Charles A. Mangold, J. F. Zang, and several other promi­nent citizens living in Oak Cliff acquired Lake Cliff which was the site of Spann’s sanitarium. They turned it into an amusement park which was easily accessible and had wide popularity. In the lake they built a floating pool and bathhouse and around its […]

JOHN T. NOLAN , Pioneer Physician

9 April 2018

Dr. John Tilghman Nolan, 1810-1881, arrived in Dallas in the mid-1870s. He was born in Lincoln County, Georgia, and grew up in Conecuh County, Alabama. He received his higher education in Transylvania University of Kentucky. In 1833, he married and began his practice of medicine in Benton, Yazoo County, Mississippi. His son, Francis Scott Nolan, […]


8 April 2018

Only a few days before Mr. Cockrell arrived home, the town elected A. M. Moore as its new Marshall. I had a bad reaction when I heard about it because Mr. Moore owed us money that Mr. Cockrell had not been able to collect, and I knew my husband intended to have it out with […]

LA REUNION, North Texas’ Second Colony

5 April 2018

After his return and in concluding his details of their journey to the area originally known as Three Forks, but now called the village of Dallas, Victor Considerant wrote, “I have seen the light of the Burning Bush, and in the last days of that journey, my mind was opened to a study, henceforth blended […]

KARL HOBLITZELLE Placed First Historical Marker

2 April 2018

ONE OF DALLAS’S earliest historical markers was placed in 1936 at the location of the city’s first building devoted exclusively to the theater— the original Dallas Opera House that stood for eighteen years after its erection in 1883 on the southwest corner of Commerce and Austin. The opera house was completely destroyed in the middle […]