28 September 2019

Dreyfuss & Son Co: Gerard Dreyfuss (1853-1934) was born at Lorraine, France, in 1853. He came to America in 1869 and in 1879 moved to Dallas from Shreveport, where he opened, with a friend, Hurst & Dreyfuss, which merged with E. M. Kahn & Co. in the early 1880s. (Mr. Kahn and Mr. Dreyfuss were […]

BONNIE & CLYDE’s Sowers TX Ambush

17 February 2019

Sowers is a ghost town located approximately 11 miles northwest of Dallas, Texas in Dallas County. Today, the once rural community is located entirely within the boundaries of Irving, Texas. Of the original townsite, only the cemetery remains. Sowers was settled in the late 1840s and by 1884 had a population of seventy-five and possessed […]


9 February 2019

Jessie Fitzgerald, the third son of Kibby Kirby and Charles Masters Tucker, was born on November 6, 1870 at the home place on the present-day site one block west from Centerville Road on Castle Drive (near the Rowlett & Garland city limits). Centerville used to head north through Mills Cemetery, cross Highway 66 (the old […]


24 December 2018

Herbert Marcus, Sr., his sister Carrie Neiman, and her husband A. L. Neiman, opened a fine apparel store in Dallas in 1907. When the Neimans divorced in 1926, the family bought his interest. The store became famous for its fine apparel and related merchandise. After Herbert’s death in 1950 and Carrie’s in 1952, Neiman Marcus […]


15 December 2018

Henry S. Ervay, the Reconstruction mayor, became a hero in Dallas.  He was born in 1834 in Elmira, New York. He was the oldest in a large family of ten children and grew up on his parents‘ farm in Mercer County, Pennsylvania.  Henry moved to Texas in 1858 at the age of 24  where he […]

MOSE IRALSON, Dallas Jewish Merchant

30 November 2018

This amazingly clear 1892 photo of Mose Iralson was taken at the studio of Clifton Church. Almost no trace of Mose Iralson, or his family remain in Dallas history. However, a story in the May 24, 1893 edition of the Daily Times Hearald list M. Iralson and company as being in the manufacturer of millinery […]

G. C. EDWARDS Backed Speech Freedom

29 November 2018

GEORGE CLIFTON EDWARDS, a pioneer liberal on political issues and the town’s most indefatigable fighter for free speech, remains a vivid and engaging figure in the memories of countless numbers of the generation that knew him personally. Born in Dallas in 1878, Edwards came of substantial, even aristocratic stock. He was the third of five […]


7 November 2018

John Neely Bryan came to Dallas in the 1840s with the intention of establishing a trading post with the Indians. He picked the site for his first home near the Trinity River that had shale for a hard water crossing—now near the current Triple Underpass. He was aware of other towns in the United States […]

TOM THUMB, Dallas TX Origins

20 October 2018

In 1903, Ashley W. Cullum had a small retail grocery store in downtown Dallas, and deliveries were made by horse and wagon. Then in 1919, Ashley and son Marvin organized the A. W. Cullum Wholesale Grocery Company, and it prospered through the “Great Depression” and World War II. In the late 1940s Ashley’s younger sons, […]


15 October 2018

George “Bill” Mitchell spent some time visiting with me while on a short trip to Dallas last week. I reminded him that the anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination would be here soon and that it would fall on Thanks Giving Day this year. Without hesitation, Bill responded, “That’s right. I was in mortuary school back […]

McENTEE Donates Catholic Church Land

26 September 2018

An Irishman by the name of Patrick McEntee (1846-1921) then purchased the land in 1893. The Patrick McEntee family had been living in a community known as “Irish Ridge” near Forney, Texas before moving to the Rowlett area. Mr. McEntee had grown increasingly aware that the religious needs of the Rowlett area Catholics were not […]

OAK LAWN’S Early Years

24 September 2018

If one kind of tree were accorded primacy in Dallas history, it would probably be the oak. That seems to be the case, judging by the persistent popularity of the oak tree in neighborhood and street names, including Oak Cliff, Oak Lawn, Oak Grove, Oak Crest, Oak Hill, Oak Park, and such major thoroughfares as […]

CEMENT CITY Changed West Dallas

24 September 2018

Cement City was not even a thought when the Horton family came from Missouri in 1844, and received several Peters Colony land grants. They settled near the West Fork of the Trinity River, Eagle Mountain Lake, Chalk Hill, and Eagle Ford. There James Horton farmed and had a grist mill. Sarah Horton married Alexander Cockrell, […]

SAM CAMMARATA, Sky Ranch Fatality

23 September 2018

Sam Cammarata, 30 of 2821 State, an instructor at the Sky Ranch Airport, was killed and his student, Bill Covington, 19, of 3018 Alabama was fatally injured when their light, two passenger plane crashed at the airport three miles south of the Veterans Hospital at Lisbon and about a half mile east of Lancaster Road […]

GRACE METHODIST, Converted Apartments

23 September 2018

It is not an uncommon occurrence for a residence to be converted into a church, but when the case is reversed, and a church is changed into a residence, it is a very unusual affair, in fact, even the old settlers of Dallas, when the matter is considered, will no doubt scratch their heads thoughtfully […]

DALLAS PIG STANDS Quietly Vanished

14 September 2018

There was once a Pig Stand in every part of town. Before the War, the Woodrow kids congregated at the Gaston Avenue Pig Stand out on Garland Road where Gaston ended. That is, when they decided not to go congregate at Sammy’s on Greenville Avenue. The kids from North Dallas had their Pig Stand on […]


4 September 2018

“There were few settlers in this part of the county when I was born on Ten Mile Creek, six miles west of Lancaster, Dec. 29, 1853, though, that was before Lancaster was started,” said Capt. C. C. Parks. “My father, Curtis Parks, had moved from Elliottsville, Ind., to Texas toward the end of the ’40s; […]

SANGER Brothers Last Early Dallas Business

3 September 2018

“Sanger Bros.’ and L. Wagner’s stores are the only mercantile establishments still in business at their old stands that were here when I landed in Dallas in November, 1880, and Judge Robert B. Seay and Judge Charles F. Clint are the only lawyers still in the practice who were here at that time,” said Max […]


2 September 2018

 “Dallas was little more than a crude big town when I arrived here in October, 1880,” said Dean S. Arnold, captain of the police department.  The business district of Dallas was confined to Main and Elm streets, west of Akard, while the business part of East Dallas consisted of a group of stores and shops […]

BERTHA H. PALMER Impresses Dallas Socialites

19 August 2018

In 1891 the news from Chicago had set the ladies in the mansions along Ross Avenue in a dither.  The ladies in “The Cedars,” that other fashionable part of the town, were also in a dither.  Chicago had announced it was going to have the world’s greatest fair to celebrate the four hundredth anniversary of […]