Family Histories

WILLIAM LAWHORN Family Reaches Duck Creek

6 June 2018

The family of William and Martha Lawhorn came to Texas from Schott County, Mississippi.  They traveled by covered wagon and crossed the Mississippi River on a barge. Thomas L. Lawhorn was five months old when they made the journey. After a short stay near Duck Creek in Dallas County, the William Lawhorn family moved to […]

JOHN M. ORAM,Electronics Pioneer

5 June 2018

JOHN M. ORAM, a member of the family for whom Oram Street in northeast Dallas is named, occupies a unique place in the development of the electric and communications industries of Dallas. A successful inventor of mechanical and electrical instruments, he might well be singled out as the outstanding pioneer in the field of electronics […]

COL. JOHN McCOY, Beloved Pioneer

3 June 2018

John Calvin McCoy was born on September 28, 1819 in Clark County Indiana. As a deputy circuit clerk of Clark County from 1837 to 1839 he studied law in his spare time. In May of 1841 he received his license to practice. He moved to Dallas in the spring of 1845 as a surveyor for […]

JESSE MOONEYHAM, Early Pioneer Family

29 May 2018

Jesse Mooneyham was born in 1803 in Surrey County, North Carolina, and moved to Warren County, Tennessee, by 1822. He had married Nellie Minerva “Minnie” McCarver by 1823. They had ten children, and the ninth child was James Lawson Mooneyham. His mom may have died by the time he was five, which may be the […]

JOHN W. LOW First Dallas WWI Casuality

28 May 2018

John Wesley Low was the first boy from Dallas County that sacrificed, and gave his life that the world might be free for Democracy” so it was written in one of the history books on World War I. But to my grandmother, Zelma Inez (Low) Bucy he was an older brother and to my great-grandparents, […]

COL. NED GREEN OWNS Dallas’ First Automobile

22 May 2018

The first automobile to arrive in Dallas belonged to Edward Howland Robinson Green who, driven by a factory engineer sent with the car, rode in from Terrell October 5, 1899, making the thirty-five mile trip in five hours, which included time out to repair damages done when a wagon forced the car off the road […]


22 May 2018

Alfred King Lucas (1848-1905) was born in Tennessee in 1848.  He was the son of Thomas L. and Narcissa (Wommack) Lucas, who came to Dallas County in 1853 and bought land for $1.50 per acre at the present Maple and Cedar Springs streets. At age 17, King enlisted in Colonel Warren Stone’s Confederate 6th Texas […]


22 May 2018

Rice Wells was born March 15, 1892 at Brown County, Texas. He was one of nine children born to James Madison “Uncle Matt” and Louisa Ballard Wells. Matt and Louisa were married on December 24, 1881 by J. L. Robertson, minister of the gospel.  Matt had a little grocery store in the Liberty Grove Community, […]


19 May 2018

Frank Davis Carsey was born in Williamson County, Tennessee, in 1863, the fourth son of Louisa M. Davis and Thomas P. Carsey. Frank and Lillian Elizabeth (Fly) Carsey were married on 9 Novem­ber 1887 in Williamson County, at the home of George Washington Fly (her brother). She was the daughter of Sterling Brown and Emily […]

J. W. HOUSEWRIGHT Joins Tennessee Wagon Train

18 May 2018

Jichonias W. (Uncle Jake) Housewright, his wife Sally and eight of their children—William, Nig, Lewis, Napoleon, Hoss, Sis, Mattie and John—were the first Housewright’s to lay foot on Wylie soil. They came via wagon train from Churchill, Hawkins County, Tennessee where Jichonias was a well-known millwright with his own gristmill powered by water from the […]

COL. C. C. SLAUGHTER, Baptist Philanthropist

17 May 2018

The Colonel Christopher Columbus Slaughter’s two concerns in life were his business and his church. He was an ardent Baptist and gave much of his wealth to Baptist philanthropies. His one deliberate flouting of the church’s rule was cards. He loved his game of whist and in char­acteristic independence had it to the end of […]

COL. C. C. SLAUGHTER, Cattle Baron

16 May 2018

From the time of the first settlers in the Three Forks Country, cattle raising was a major occupation in the region, though no individuals practiced it in the expansive fashion of the later great ranchers of West Texas.  In 1874, however, one of the greatest cattle barons in the history of Texas, Colonel C. C. […]


15 May 2018

George William Boyd was born in Chester, South Carolina on June 30, 1876 near Chester, South Carolina.  He was the son of Henry and Martha J. Cannon Boyd.  George didn’t own a farm.  He worked for Jake Sachse for five years and then he worked at the Henry Barger farm. Emma Lela Spence Boyd was […]


14 May 2018

Tolbert T. Griffin died in the Cottonwood Community in northeastern Dallas County on December 31, 1911 at 34 years of age.  He leaves a widow and five small children  He was born August 1870 in Limestone County, Alabama. He was the fifth of six children born to Joseph and Minerva Elizabeth Glaze Griffin. The blonde […]


14 May 2018

Mark Robertson (1811-1879) was born in Dixon County, Tennes­see, the son of James Robertson, grandson of Charles Robertson, and nephew of James. Charles Robertson and his brother, James, were among the earliest set­tlers in Tennessee. He was also a cousin of Sterling Robertson, who founded Robertson’s Colony in Texas. The family soon moved to Illinois, […]


12 May 2018

Martin Leonard Butler was born in eastern Tennessee on September 13, 1868.  He was the son of Calvin M. (1831-1890) and Ellen Virginia Roland Butler. His father, Calvin Martin Butler, was born in Jefferson County, Tennessee on September 8, 1831.  He served in Company C of the 1st Tennessee Calvary during the Civil War.  He […]


10 May 2018

Through the years, Dallas has always honored entrepreneurship above other values. Making money has been the primary game, and the man who pulled himself up by his own bootstraps was held in great esteem. Men have been the players .  And yet, it was a woman who played the game first, by all the rules […]

DANIEL J. ANDERSON, Rockwall Co. Ranch

9 May 2018

Daniel “Dan” James Anderson married Julia Ann Raines in 1883.  They were soon at home on the family ranch in eastern Rockwall County.  Dan’s father, David Jefferson Anderson, had owned the property prior to the Civil War. Dan was the son of David and Elizabeth Burroughs Williams Anderson.  Julia was the daughter of Thomas and […]


8 May 2018

Only the barest of facts remain to herald Dallas’s first woman. Her name was Charity Morris Gilbert and she arrived in Dallas by water, floating down the Trinity River on a raft from Bird’s Fort 22 miles to the northwest. So far as history records, she is the only Dallasite ever to “sail” into the […]


8 May 2018

Willie Newbury Lewis writes, By 1910, Dallas had long since ceased to be the small town of my early childhood. The main streets, even in the residential districts, were paved with asphalt, all thoroughfares were electrically lighted, and the mule-drawn cars had been replaced by trolley cars. Having finished school, I had entered the state […]