BONNIE & CLYDE MOVIE Recalled by Burkhart & Schrade

Ten years after filming scenes of the Bonnie and Clyde movie, Ed Burkhart and Vernon Schrade stand in front of the old Burkhart house where much of the filming for the Bonnie and Clyde Movie took place. They discuss how state troopers diverted traffic during the filming. They also mentioned that part of the house was over 100 years old.

Location of Bonnie & Clyde SceneEd Burkhard says he was offered $500 by Warner Brothers for the two days of filming in the old house which belonged to his parents. “They still owe me $100”, he said as he looked over the old house. Part of the house was built before the Civil War.

Burkhart and Vernon Schrade, a Rowlett business man, recalled the burst of activity around the farm when camera crews, Warren Beatty as Clyde Barrow and Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker descended on the property. They also remembered when Burkhart’s mother, known as “Aunt Annie” to many in the community, grew beautiful flowers within a picket fence and talked about the many fruit trees that produced the materials for her jams and jellies that lined the walls of their storm cellar.

Peter Maloney, casting director of the movie arranged a picture of G. E. Parker of Midlothian, who had leased his farm for another scene. Parker also had been recruited for a bit part in the movie. Arthur Penn was directing.

Article from Garland Daily News, Oct. 16, 1976.

Note: The old house was located in Rowlett just northeast of the Liberty Grove Road and Highway 66 intersection. That part is Liberty Grove Road no longer exist. It has been replaced by Bush Toll Road and the former Highway 66 is now Main Street. Several scenes were also shot down the hill and east of the old house. That pasture land, where the big shoot out occurred is now under the waters of Lake Ray Hubbard.